We covered a lot of new material in this lesson. The second will never be loaded thanks to the “singleton” approach, meaning if package B requires functionality in a different version of “Curl” then it’s going to break. They tell our app: Learn how your comment data is processed. There are other Reactor engineers, but as their friend I know what they’re up to these days – and it’s not CodeIgniter. You can use your method.

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So instead I tried to do a small change to the first if statement, like this: It would need a controller called “Events”, but there is a class called “Events” which is a library. In order to connect our app to the database we created previously, update those four options with the values shown below:. You can use your method. CodeIgniter – Configuration Advertisements.

Since I started using v1. You can leave few options to their default values except hostname, username, password, database and dbdriver. To draw yet another comparison to Laravel 4, you can unit-test your applications perfectly.

CodeIgniter – Configuration

Typically, this will be your base URL, with a trailing slash e. Often we need to set up database for different environment like development and production. Back in Lesson 5we discussed the MVC paradigm that our app will utilize.

Otherwise, leave it blank.

Why did I write shitty migrations for CodeIgniter? For that, we need to create a new controller and a view. Laravel 4 has become the “go-to” framework for me because it’s built exactly how I would have wanted to see FuelPHP 2.


CodeIgniter keeps on as it has been and flagrantly ignores new PHP 5. Codeignitter a list of libraries in the array, as shown below, to be autoloaded by CodeIgniter. Laravel 3 was also based heavily on CodeIgniter, Kohana and FuelPHP – so they’ve already done the hard work, built a autoloav, built a website, set up the Twitter account, trademarked a name, organized the conference – I don’t see how another fork is going to help anything. Your class files will be included “automatically” when you call init them codeigjiter these functions: The folks codeignuter wanted more static and more autoloading tried pushing it, but EllisLab put their foot down, which lead to those users rage-quitting and built Kohana, which autoloaded static classes like they were going out of fashion.

CodeIgniter database connection error message. Something that makes Laravel stand out from the crowd is that it swallows it’s pride to leverage any existing tool that does the job instead of bullishly reinventing the wheel for the sake of it. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Thousands of companies of all sizes are using CodeIgniter so whatever happens the framework is always going to be around, but it will be exactly the same as it is now for years to come, which codeigniteg you aren’t going to have to upgrade any legacy apps any time soon. Besides allowing us to represent data objects, one of the major responsibilities of a model is to interact with our database.


5 Things CodeIgniter Cannot Do (without a rewrite) | Phil Sturgeon

So this kinda happened in 2. Lykos 1, 9 35 Really a namespace uatoload be applied to all of the code in the core, then each “Spark” or package should have it’s own namespace. This drastically improves autoloading as you give the autoload class a pointer as to where it should be looking for this code, instead of how packages currently work: The config cofeigniter contains the group of files which handle your application configuration.

To take advantage of the missing features I’ve mentioned especially the ones that PHP 5. There are other Reactor engineers, but as their friend I know what they’re up to these days – and it’s not CodeIgniter. That not only seems like a slightly crazy solution, but would almost certainly confuse auhoload large number of beginners in the CodeIgniter community that would not understand why their changes were not reflected instantly. Most of the features added to PHP before this have not fundamentally changed the way a framework should look.

Simply visit the main welcome page:. Using package we can load third party package from third party directory under application directory or a specific directory passing through an array.