The error is also written to the information log. All threads that access the database do so through the database engine. When accessing databases from the file system instead of from class path or a jar file , any path that is not absolute is interpreted as relative to the system directory. Derby provides developers with a small footprint, standards-based Java database that can be tightly embedded into any Java-based solution. The Cloudscape driver class name for the embedded environment is COM. Without the boot password, the database will not start. Thu Aug 06

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This file is not automatically created; you should create it yourself.

Shutting down Cloudscape instance dbdf-da0a0b2d00 Typically, an application using an embedded Cloudscape engine shuts down Cloudscape just before shutting itself down. Simply shut down Cloudscape, then back up databases in the context of their system. In an embedded system, do not run both clouscape and Cloudview or cloudsvape ijs, or two Cloudviews, or any two applications in the same system or on the same database at the same time; severe database corruption can result.

The JTS driver provides transactional support for database operations.

Cloudscape Version A technical overview

The server framework is designed to allow multiple applications to connect to the same database. Not all Derby functionality is supported when using the Network Server.


See the Server and Administration Guide for details. Working with Database Threads in an Embedded Environment Do not use sleep and interrupt calls to notify threads that are accessing a database, because Cloudscape will catch the interrupt call and close the connection to the database.

Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. In most cases, you access databases from the file system as described above. Cloudscape attempts to prevent two instances of Cloudscape from booting the same database by using a file called db.

Another instance of Cloudscape may have already booted the database C: Applications use JDBC to interact with a database.

After that, it grows eight pages at a time. Cloudscape comes with a local JDBC driver.

It also allows you to perform a number of high-level tasks, such as creating a database or shutting down the system.

The Cloudscape system is not persistent; you must specify the location of the system directory at every startup.

Cloudscape Version 10: A technical overview

This means that it takes on the system-wide properties of the system and that no other instance of Cloudscape should access that database, among other things. It is based on the 1. It covers the following topics:.

The way you specify an absolute path is defined by the host operating system see java. This section discusses the basics of the Cloudscape technology. You can access jarDB1 like this:. Or, if the jar or zip file has been included in the class path, like this:. In an embedded environment, when an application shuts down, it should first shut down Cloudscape. You can preboot databases only if kdbc are within the system.


Connect to cloudscape : Cloudscape « Database SQL JDBC « Java

The backup utility is new in Version 3. This file is not automatically created; you must create it yourself. For information on using this utility, see the Cloudscape Server and Administration Guide.

Once the application code has been added to the database, moving or copying the database ensures that the appropriate application logic is moved along with the data. Derby supports a simple, built-in mode for maintaining an internal list of authorized users.

System-wide properties affect the entire system, and persistent system-wide properties live in the system directory. The error is also written to the information log. Derby supplies JDBC OUT parameters so that values can be returned in parameters; this is done by having the Java parameter be an array of the type desired.