Use wait and notify calls instead. Jason Hobbs c-jhobbs efficient. There are special considerations when working with more than one database thread in an application. A JVM before Java1. For example, when Cloudscape is running in the Cloudconnector environment, a client application might use the following database connection URL: WebLogic Server version 4. Correct Answers – 4 points.

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Using the Cloudscape database with WebLogic

The data in the database disk files is stored in a portable format, so that databases can be easily transported from machine to machine regardless of the CPU architecture of each machine.

For more information see Using Cloudview below. Comments Sign jdbdcriver or register to add and subscribe to comments. Derby supports a simple, built-in mode for maintaining an internal list of authorized users. This full-featured evaluation copy of Cloudscape has a license that will expire. Jason Hobbs c-jhobbs efficient. Do not include the swingall.

Class COM.cloudscape.core.JDBCDriver

Use wait and notify calls instead. RmiJdbcDriver” which is a little confusing OracleDriver You can download the driver from the official web site. I have the same question 0.

That driver is part of the db2 express installation, which you can download from the official web site.


The embedded JDBC driver transfers data to and from the database engine without the need jdbcrdiver network communication. If the data files can be read, a sophisticated user could decode the information they contain.

The table below contains basic information about database drivers that have preconfigured connection strings in ReadyAPI. A Java stored procedure that looks up the name of a city given a ZIP code might look like this again, code for handling errors and exceptions is omitted for brevity:. The naming port had to be changed because when you run cloudscape in standalone RmiJdbc mode, it binds to portwhich is the default port for naming in JBoss.

It also supports integrating external user authentication schemes; for example, it can be configured to check with an external authentication service. This property is included in the default weblogic. Other resources For more information about Cloudscape, try these links to their website: This technical article uses “Cloudscape” when referring to the clkudscape IBM adds to the core Derby engine, such as:.

All threads that access the database do so through the database jdbcdruver. When a client application needs to store or retrieve data in the database, it submits a request through the JDBC API to the Derby engine either jddbcdriver a network or directly to the embedded engine. For more corre on using Cloudview, refer to their website http: A Java stored procedure consists of Java code that is callable from SQL, runs in the database server, and accesses the database.


SQL language support includes the following:. Thanks jasonhobbs and marcf. Not surprisingly, the existence of two names side-by-side Cloudscape and Derby sometimes causes confusion.

This standards compliance enables a developer to write an application against Derby and deploy it against another DBMS.

Cloudscape anyone? |JBoss Developer

The database engine is embeddable. The combination of portable database formats and the pure Java DBMS engine makes it possible to send a data-centric application anywhere, either on media or over a network. JBoss installed, no prob. You are on your own with learning to use Cloudview, but it isn’t too bad, really.

Storage and loading of application classes in the database is provided by two mechanisms: Cloudscape on the other hand was a cloudscae. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.