Keep in mind that once it dries, it’ll work just as it did before. Communication My main point of comparison for the in the signal strength category is the Motorola v, another GSM phone known for its outstanding reception. There are better smartphones for entering in data. Like the Cingular and Cingular , voice quality is excellent. The speakerphone press and hold the call send button when in a call to activate it is loud and clear as well.

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They still look great, but I prefer a more natural contrast level for multimedia.

Cingular 3125 (HTC Startrek 100)

You can only set one alarm time. The Cingular syncs easily and well to Outlook and Exchange servers and supports Direct Push email as well as Good’s messaging solution.

Only a handful of devices like the Motorola Q and T-Mobile Dash are in the same class, and they have a decidedly different target market. The small size and odd location of these buttons make them a bit hard to use, but most of the time you can safely ignore them.

I sync my phone with all of these. The pros are excellent battery backup, good signal reception, nice mp3 capabilities. Lots of them and all different kinds and brands.


Cingular (HTC Startrek ) | Device Specs | PhoneDB

I stupidly upgraded to this annoying phone from my razr, which I loved. Anonymous from Amazon gpre Oct This is accented by the rubberized coating on the lower part of the case around the media buttons and logo. Cannot make it last more than 2 weeks! Battery cimgular user replaceable.

Then all-of-a-sudden, the ringer, the speaker, and the alarm stops to work. The RAZR has gone to college and returned a smartphone. But for the most part text is quite legible and web browsing is, if not exactly comfortable, at least very much possible, particularly with the help of the various versions of Opera.

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Expansion I have bad news, good news, and bad news. If you insert a MicroSD card, the next time you launch the camera application it will ask you if you’d like to save photos to the card.

The maintained a slightly lower signal strength than the v, usually fprs one bar less, and dropped service a few times when the v did not. Lovely main display and good use of the external display.

Cingular 3125 Smartphone Review

I am a PC user not a Microsoft fan, but surprisingly like windows mobile. An external, MiniSD expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.

How long is the warranty period? It’s a phone first and a Gprw second with standard phone design and ergonomics. There is the usual range of pre-loaded Cingular applications, including a gateway to their music store usable only for ringtones, howeverand some other salesware, including a three-day free trial of MobiTV. I wanted one device so I got the Syncing it with my pc was impossible.


I had reception ev Callers remarked that we sounded like we were calling from a land line. I haven’t bothered cingulqr the mp3 player because I have an ipod.

Cingular Reviews, Specs & Price Compare

Overall – it fills the bill cigular Too Bad they won’t sell you a warantee with it And if you take off the phone’s rear cover to get to any of these, it automatically powers down there’s a switch that knows when the cover has been removed. The phone will start freezing up in about 5 months. The phone can grps used as a wireless modem for a notebook over Bluetooth and the USB cable. The speakerphone press and hold the call send button when in a call to activate it is loud and clear as well.

Lacking a standard 2.