This advanced pin design lets you program any DIL device of up to 48 pins without needing an adapter Device insertion and contact checks—No mistakes! This saves time and money. Reads from one format, copies to another format! The new W3 model has moved all of the electronics on the socket platters to the main driver board, therefore lower the cost of 9 socket platters to less than half of the previous model. You can get the latest software free of charge through internet. The unique control interface allows inexperienced personnel to quickly produce programmed parts. This advanced pin design lets you program any DIL device of up to 48 pins without needing an adapter.

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If you are using the programmer for home projects then this may not be an issue, however if you are using the programmer in an industrial capacity where your chips are going chipjaster your customer equipment, then for a small upgrade fee you may avoid huge problems in the field.

Has a real timedisplay of detailed information on LCD Screen. Logical Devices updates software and Auto-sensing and self-programming algorithm regularly. Read from one format, copy to another format! You can get the latest software online. Flash chip support up to G bit. Auto Devices Approved by Semiconductor Companies Ideal for Field, Production and Engineering Industrial gradesuitable for round the clock operation in abusive production enviornment Automatically detects bad chips, broken pins and insertion errors.


Able to copy any size master data onto multiple sources asynchronously independently without sacrificing duplication speed or quality for faster and more reliable duplication. You will not need to send your older unit back in advance. You can also call to place order: This unit can replace the following previous chhipmaster without the loss of functionality. This saves time and money.

Advanced and powerful software functions: Serial numbers generators are available as standard or customer-specific functions.

Atmel, Intel, Microchip, Signetics, Zilog, etc. Up to MB Target: Only IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms used for high reliability. It can eraser up to 5 32 pin devices in less than 10 minutes.

See list below The Gangpro-8xp is loaded with features not found in comparably priced other gang programmers.


This will avoid the use of individual adaptors and be more cost effective. Read from one formatcopy to another format! Place your orders now as quantities are limited for our first run production. Serialization function Chipmastet your memory devices need individual serial numbers with different increment sequence and initial value, the Chipmaster XP has an Auto Increment function. Furthermore, in the mass-production mode the system keyboard is automatically disabled preventing the operator from making any inadvertent mistakes.


You will have an opportunity to test driver your new programmer for 7 days free of charge before deciding to keep it or trade it. This saves time and money. The syntax is made so it is based on the CUPL language and provides and exceeds all capabilities of such products.

Auto-sensing and self-programming the Chipmaster XP’s auto-sensing feature ensures the device has been inserted correctly and then automatically programs the device. You can get the latest software free of charge through internet. The Chipmaster XP performs device insertion and contact checks before it programs each device.

The wizard steps you through the process of setting all parameters necessary to complete the job. You get the trade discount immediately.


Parallel Port XP upgrade version. Easy to operate and completes copying in high speed safely. Atmel, Intel, Microchip, etc. The unit can be operated without a PC from a master chip for duplications, or can be connected to the PC via Winlink -3 software included in the unit for creation of devices from a file or edit buffer. Dual lamps produce nm UV light for optimum erasure time.