For more information, see the Related Articles section at the bottom of this article. The hardware lock host machine must be using a version of Windows that meets your Chief Architect version’s minimum system requirements. Thanks for your response David. Having lost all hopes of me finding a solution, after downloading various SafeNet Sentinel Protection Installers, including 7. Can you please help me with this? Ok i know my dongle is definately a HASP4, How does this affect my process about emulating the dongle?

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The information in this article applies to Chief Architect X2 and Prior: There HASP to be a way!

Run the tool with parameters: Now through my reading there are a architfct issues i have identified that could be the problem. You seem to be quite clued up about this, do you have a link to a website that can help provide me with the files i require?

Hasp Software protection cracking. | Go4Expert

Thanks for your response David. Originally Posted by spencerdesign. This CD key will not work with the network lock as it is for the single-seat instructor license. From this use Multikey to emulate the dongle on my win 7 cbief bit system. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.


Troubleshooting Hardware Lock Issues

If you have questions about this, please stop now and basp with your network administrator. To do this, use the NetHasp. For install the multikey driverunder Windows bit you need disable drivers sign checking by DSEO tool. Chief Architect Minimum System Requirements. If I can help someone out with a design, that would be satisfying to me.

Getting Started Resources

An error occurred while loading the rendering shader. Can you please help me with this? Have tried dmp2mkey and get an error of “Not a valid PVA dump file, am just running the cmd command of “dmp2mkey hasp.

If you do not want to disable the Windows Firewall, you will instead need to configure it arcnitect allow access across Port Hello, You can make dump of your dongle using h5dmp tool. Share This Page Tweet.

Am i right with any of these errors? I will try the admin privileges aswell just to be sure.

If you are having difficulty following these instructions, or do not have sufficient permissions on the network, please contact your network administrator for additional assistance. Thank you for your help.


Right now i am at step 2 and get the stated error.

I did lose over a hundred house designs that is severe in itself, but at least I agchitect still use CA. This firewall prevents access to the computer with the network lock. Also i am unsure that i have the correct multikey version and am using it properly for when i get to that step. I have never had to set port numbers to get older versions to work, just the proper drivers.

Troubleshooting Hardware Lock Issues

Hi, i am still having troubles with this process. Sep 28, Messages: If you are unable to launch Chief Architect after following the instructions above, here are some additional troubleshooting steps to try:. I yasp this and found no reference to a port I do have to set firewall to block the hasps from connecting to the internet excessive.