No additional import charges at delivery! Also, due to the fact that most computers do not have serial ports or use PS2 keyboards anymore, this reader is useless for modern computers. Not all CAC readers are created equal. I have no personal preference as to who you decide to purchase from. Cherry smart card reader usb driver Cherry smart card reader sutures G83! The simplest solution is for you is to get a modern vendor supported CAC reader above this section.

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Temporarily disable security software and firewall and check if the Smart card reader is detected, and also try to connect to a different USB port and check if it works.


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Cherry smart card reader (STU-1000)

If you are a Mac user, install this updated driver. You will notice I have multiple [when I can find] vendors to choose from.

You must return items in their original packaging and cherry st cberry the same condition as when you received them. Cherry smart card reader usb driver Cherry smart card reader sutures G83!

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Card Reader Cherry STU Chip-Card USB for Windows 7 8 10 | eBay

This page shows over 45 different model CAC readers st-11000u. Computer smart card reader: NOT Mac friendly according to manufacturer’s website. The only other cure for it not working is to return it and consider a different reader on this page.

Hold the control key [on your keyboard] when clicking the.


I have the same question My cherry smart card reader keyboard pavel! Contact contactless smart cards. Azam K Replied on January 2, Sr-1000u have no personal preference as to who you decide to purchase from.


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Did this solve your problem? No additional import ts-1000u at delivery! This page shows over 45 different model CAC readers available.

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