Gamden is the first to allude to these remains, which he does when describing Anglesey. It would be more satisfactory, of course, if hwre could be proved to contain a deponential ending. Cair loyt coyt see bclow , has been brilliantly identified by Mr. His official posi- 1,’F. Eisym, deisym are combinations of eis and euthum ; cf. The Ist and 2nd sing. The author of the ” Additions to Anglesey”, in Camden, commenting on the above quotation, writes as follows:

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He tells us that he lived ” within two bowe Shootes of the port-way”, or ancient highroad across the county, and from his ” booke” and other sources we know that his residence was at Cottrell.

Arcerw detantorwm 3 an’ afaxonib? Giraldus speaks of an eagle that visited Snowdon ; and his resting on a certain stone, the Archdeacon tells us, presaged war and carnage. The modern Uw-200n-pto dialects, how- ever, use ych.

cerio uw200n

Carmarthen now became the capital of the south, and there the Sheriff of Carmarthenshire held his court. But though there was not the theoretic basis of freedom, their institu- tions were based on the model of the free shire. Both Annales and Genealogies, in their prcsent form, show marks of having been composed in the last half of the tenth century.


B, sub anno In the Gwentian Add. In the Welsh Genealogies: Selyf sarffgadau ap Cynan Garwyn, whose genealogy is given in No. These were under the general government of the Uw-200n-pr of Snowdon, who resided in the new castle of Car- narvon, which thus became the capital of North Wales.


See also Pughe’s Dict. Perhaps the coexisteuce of rhoddi and rhoi but cf. Their permanent organisation and formal recosmition were due to the famous statute of Wales which Edward issued at Ehuddlan in The Marquis of Bute heads the list with a donation of twenty guineas. Eidaun, equivalent to Eiuaun. Towards winter they descend to their Hendref, or old dwelling. To footnote on p. Our author looks upon the inhabitants as pure unmixed ” Britaynes”, who, like their forefathers, had always inhabited the district without inter- meddling with other nations.

Full text of “The Michigan alumnus”

The paper is one of a series embodying the results of his work in the scientific study of Welsh granrmar up to the present time. As a rule the letter v only occurs in the MS. Gambold has also deir like eir. Cornish forms are Tancwoystel, Anaguistl, and.

A part of them are old ; cf. In the parts edited by R. Belenus is mentioned by Ausonius Burdig.



Adfydd is used quite as an adrerb, and even compounded with di-; cf. Morganwg is put out of relation to Cerjo by the conquest of Fitz- hamon, and the ancient state of Morganwg was never really Mr. Wherever the stroke occurs, we have reproduced it ; where it is omitted, we have dotted theletter. I90 bcol.

Doubtless the word is an epithet ; and the other two words might mean ” to the Mediterranean literally, ‘the middle’ sea. Cclt, vi Some Welsh Deponents, 9tries to explain the now existing use of these forms in -et, -it, -at, -wyt to denote the perfect passive, by assuming them to have been originally deponent participles ; the passive form of bod, giving the passive meaning, having been omitted.

Speak- ing of the Snowdonia mountain, he writes: It will be obseiwed that he does not, like the writer of the first quotation, which T have taken from Camden, refer to the Triads. Cyd vuam gyd ac ef — handym oll gyuaclef — handid tegach teulu nef, f.