Add repo to the kickstart config file. I did need to install a special hardware key to unlock the RAID 5 feature. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. The system just skips this error, and continues to boot without a driver. At first I thought I was seeing two disks from the installer, but that was just a first glance mistake.

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Looks like there are problems reading the iso-file: You mentioned Ubuntu, I posted where to get the hpvsa driver for Ubuntu in this thread. Sign up using Facebook.

megasr – CentOS

Hi Anna, I also got the error ” DD: Then I copied the file with dd on a USB stick. If you press enter you get the driver options line refreshed.

Do you have any idea on the error message I receive? I tested this with 7. Add repo to the kickstart config file In the intro section, add the following line to point to the new software it is already in repo format — Note that has 3 consecutive slashes in the URL two for the URL syntax, last one is part of the pathname.


[CentOS] megasr Sata Raid driver and the lastest kernel

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Looks like there are problems reading the iso-file:. When finished you have to select continue. Is there a megqsr or kmod-megasr driver for CentOS 7?

Now I’m in the menue from DD to choose the driver, it’s almost fine Hey, if you’re going to vote my question down, it would be constructive to tell me why. Same problem here on CentOS 7. I can load that driver prior to install using the following command, apparently successfully: As I wrote above: The same thing happens if I just use the same command without “dd” thereby skipping the loading of drivers.

Many thank’s to any response! It must go with raid Bi.

Continue the OS installation, then just click select the logical volume where to install the Cetos 7. Give the location of a kickstart file to be used to automate the install. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Add repo to the kickstart config file.

Correct kmod-megasr driver to install CentOS 7 on Intel Embedded RAID Technology II? – Super User

I have a MLe server Select the driver disk image and select OK. I copy them to a USB meegasr drive: I was using the proper driver version hpvsa DD repo content not a file: Create the USB drive with the driver with following command: I’ve also CentOS 6.

Thank you for instant reply. This problem only 7. Intelligent provisioning while check the installation disk and give a warning about the driver, click ok. Contact Email us Tell us what you think.