Otherwise, after initial programming they can be left disconnected. How do I send instruction to turn on or off an LED or to measure a voltage? On startup it will ask for a connection name. Learn how your comment data is processed. Can you help me to make a simple multiple switching use USB port and use visual basic.

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Fri Dec 24, 7: Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems. RS is a standard for a serial communication interface which allows to send and receive data via at least pic18f550 wires. Mon Dec 27, 1: All of the sections and their components are described and discussed below.

Very cool article, could you help me to my proyect. Can someone guide me to get this works. CCS does not monitor this forum on a regular basis. Just found your page and it is very interesting project. USB, in Proteus is poor. Just enter a text which will identify the connection, e. I have looked over the entire device and cannot find what might be the problem.

In general for me there is not clear your choice. Full Circuit The source and firmware for the circuit can be found at the bottom of the page. I suppose it is answer to my question “unable to recognize device” problem vcs unfortunately im using t 4Mhz crystal oscillator with exact 27pF caps.


I have developed a RS module which allows direct connection to the microcontroller. A few lines lower however, enabling the Global interrupt again is a bug.

CCS :: View topic – USB Tutorial on PIC18f

To be honest, this project is slower than I would like. Hi Steve, thanks for reply. Hello all, this question is open to anyone. Maybe is could help? As far as I can see it works! In addition, the firmware now allows the user to access the AN0-AN4 analog pins for monitoring and data acquisition. What is the specified loading capacitance for your crystal?.

That is a really great feature of the CCS C compiler. I make one puc18f4550 this wonderful device and i can say it is briliant, but i have a question for Steve. Hi Steve, I was wondering if the RS input in the device can be used for serial communications and not just firmware upgrades? What of these two files I should use to stitch? Thank you so much! Can you build an I2C host port deko this device it will be very helpful for the lab for everyone, because there is many I2C devices like PCF for example.


SD-Card with CCS C Compiler using pic microcontoller

PIC receives data and sends it back. Once this is done, just reset the PIC and the demo output shal be visible.

There are literally hundreds of ones on the web that do work, most better than Hyperterm which is rather an abortion I would like to write a new windows program using mcHID. I heard it is only in ideal cases. Steve, and can try or in your project to substitute descriptors from joystik, or in his its project your descriptors? What it would need is a circular buffer on the serial input and then a loop in main to process the commands which is what is currently being done with the USB communication.