The camera moves through photos instantly — very nice. Authentic manual operation puts the user in control With a CCD producing 5. You choose aperture, camera picks appropriate shutter speed. The mode dial is back in the right corner of the top panel, where it can be easily turned with the thumb. The Audio Snapshot mode records audio to accompany a still image, for up to thirty seconds per image. Skip to main content. Just below the Menu button on the right side of the camera’s rear panel, this four-way rocker button features arrows pointing up, down, left, and right.

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You can also create a still image from a movie frame using something that Casio calls Motion Print. These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing.

Casio Exilim EX-P Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

Dec 29, 28 video. While there’s no vignetting dark corners to be found, you may encounter some blurring around the edges of your photos example. Just below the Menu button on the right side of the camera’s rear panel, this four-way rocker button features arrows pointing up, down, left, and right. Purple fringing levels were low. Casio has tried to combine a digital still camera and a digital video camera, and they did a better job than Sony.


Since the EX-P does not accommodate AA batteries in any form, I also highly recommend picking up an additional NP battery pack and keeping it freshly charged. French company GT Company has licensed the AgfaPhoto brand and launched a range of new budget products.

Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain casip. Senior Editor Barney Britton’s pick this year is the camera that he describes as “close to perfect” for the kind of photography he does.

After you shoot one, it appears for a few moments on the LCD screen, but if you want to see it again, you need to turn the dial to es playback mode. One thing that surprised me about the P is that Casio left out a burst mode. It has no function in Playback mode.

Casio EX-P505 5.0MP Digital Camera – Black

Despite having a pop-up flash, the EX-P has quite a bit of redeye. The camera may be small, but it lacks both the slim shape of a point-and-shoot and the features – such as an optical viewfinder, a flash shoe, and support for external lenses – that justify the heft of more-advanced cameras. To say that a larger memory card is needed is an understatement. Dec 23, video. That’s because the lens is self-contained and it makes no noise while moving. Primary purchase; highschool basketball games.

If the full image is displayed, tapping the rocker exx the wide angle position once will call up a nine-image thumbnail display.

EX-P505 Manual

Two Memory controls allow the camera to return to the last used Focus and Zoom settings. More on this subject later.


Camera performance is above average in almost all areas, except in low light. Founder Phil Askey on the first ten years. To the right of the power button is a very cheap-feeling plastic mode dial, which has the following options:. Love the open screen, set on lap for taping, great for holding up, tipping screen for a tall person in front of me.

A BCL external charger comes with the camera, and plugs in via two swing out prongs. On this side of the camera you’ll find two buttons: Read our review of it if you’d like, but download the program nowso you’ll have it. Pressing the Menu button displays the following options:.

Instead, they build some memory right into the camera. The choice means maybe you will not be able to decide how best to capture those precious moments. Find out now in our review!

You choose aperture, camera picks appropriate shutter speed. First, that manual white balance option lets you use a white or gray card to achieve perfect color even under the most unusual lighting.