If a script fails, we need to know where was the error in script. WebDriver ; import org. Utility ; import org. Lyu 4 What you can do in many different ways. Post as a guest Name.

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File ; import org. Generally, scripts fail in 2 situations. Lyu, Can we get the screen shot names as Test case names?? FileUtils ; import org. ITestResult ; import org. How to take screen shot for failed test cases using selenium webdriver in Java? Earlier I have posted a detailed post on how to screnshot a screenshot using Selenium WebDriver.

Email Required, but never shown. WebDriver ; import org.

To take screenshot of failed test case in Selenium Webdriver – LATEST SOFTWARE TESTING NEWS

To achieve this, we could place the entire code in try-catch block. File ; import library. Sign up using Email and Password. FirefoxDriver ; import org. Once you trigger your case, initialize the Context and pass it to the operation wrapper like ‘Click’, ‘InputText’ then get the info from the Context while doing screenshot stuff.


Writing Selenium Webdriver script is not seleniuum everyone can design script nowadays. Here I share an java example for you. FirefoxDriver ; import org. Rule public ScreenShotRule screenshotRule.

We could easily identify where exactly the script got failed by seeing the webdriber . FileUtils ; import org. It depends on how you control your fai,ure. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

One suggestion is that you set up a Context class and put the information you want e. You can check all TestNG Tutorial here. Thanks Mystia, I will try and let you know: If you’re using JUnit 4, you can create a class that extends the TestWatcher class.

How To Capture Screenshot of Failed Test Cases Using Selenium WebDriver

Can you please help me?? Above code will execute fine and if test case will fail it will capture the screenshot. Thanks a lot J. Previously I have covered a post on capture screenshot in Selenium so if you have not gone through the previos post then I will highly recommend you to please go through the post and youtube as well. TakesScreenshot ; import org.


How to Capture Screenshots Using WebDriver in Java

I want a code for screenshot on multiple test cases when failed!! Please refer official doc for ITestResult 2- AfterMethod is another annotation of TestNG which will execute after every test execution whether test case pass or fail AfterMethod will always failjre. OutputType ; import org. If you have missed it, you could check the detailed post on how to capture screenshot using Selenium WebDriver. AfterMethod ; import org.