Push down gently to avoid damaging the paper trailing edge position plate. The feed roller is removed from the cassette insertion opening and the separation roller is removed from the lower right side. The status of each sensor will be displayed. Is the cassette separation claw misshapen? Creates a margin around the outside of the document and copies. Is the trouble resolved when the feeder motor M is replaced?

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When the feeder controller PCB receives the pick-up control signal, the feeder motor M begins to rotate, and the pick-up solenoid is turned ON. The power cord should not be disconnected at night.

Canon GP160 Toner Cartridge Black 1500A003AA

Error codes for errors which occur during transmission,due to telephone line conditions,,,,,,,, Error codes for errors which occur during receiving, due to telephone line conditions, [Bit ] Selects the modulation speed baud rate occurring in the V. Advanced features The basic operations of the advanced copy feature keys on the operation panel are listed below.

The structure of each cassette feeder is the same, and each cassette feeder is equipped with a pick-up assembly and a feeder controller PCB, which controls the operation of the pick-up assembly.

Even if residual paper is detected at the time of the power supply being turned on to the unit, automatic delivery does not take place. The date pfl time which had been previously set will be displayed.


RTN signal output condition 2: Adjusting the output level No. The cartridge will deteriorate over time regardless of the number of pages copied.

NL equalizer, sending level, etc.

However, in order to extend the life of the product and parts, we recommend the following procedures be carried out when carrying out service to replace consumable parts. Scanner does not move forward Cause Scanner drive wire Foreign object in the scanner drive path Steps Checks Is the scanner drive cankn properly 1 attached?

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If the trouble is not resolved, replace the separation roller. Executing an all-clear No.

Removing the feeder motor All products which are sold in the United States are ggp160 to have this label affixed. The laser beam generated by the laser unit illuminates the 6 sided mirror, which rotates at a fixed speed. Mirror positioning adjustment a Adjusting position of No.

NO Reconnect the connectors. Replace the transfer charging roller. Returns to the previous canob. If the spring is locked in position before it has been stretched, the drive belt will not have the correct tension which could lead to faulty operation of the scanner.

Creates a binding margin on the paper. Re-charging 4 Is the re-charging eliminator dirty? If the error is not resolved, set to international transmission 2 and international transmission 3in that order.


Canon GP160 PCL 5e Drivers for Windows 8 64 bit Download

Figure In order to completely prevent output image stains due to toner leakage, be sure to make test copies after setting the cartridge in the copier. Cartridge pho3 surface of the photosensitive drum. Fixing, faulty gp1160, soiled reverse side Remarks Clean with a blower brush. Looking for Supplies in the UK?

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Pcp environment after the packing seal has been opened a. The lithium battery and the vanadium lithium secondary battery are made up of lithium and organic solvents, which are extremely combustible materials. Even when the cartridge is in the storage bag, do not leave it for long periods in direct sunlight or in an automobile.

Loading paper into the multi-feeder Pick-up level Cassette feeder first level Cassette feeder second-level Cassette feeder third-level Timer count time Approx. Do not touch the surface of the photosensitive drum. The unit may be equipped with a one level cassette feeder or with a three level cassette feeder unit.