Document Requirements To prevent paper jams in the automatic document feeder ADF , make sure not to use any of the following with the fax: Receiving is done without error corrrection. This will allow the printed pages to come out without blocking the face-up delivery slot. Without optional handset or trays Image memory capacity Standard: If the print quality is poor, try turning the paper over and printing on the other side.

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Gently pull out any jammed paper from the rear area being careful not to tear it. Page 40 Gently slide the cartridge down and back and push firmly until it clicks into position. Instead keep the operation panel and front cover together as you open the front cover.

Warnings tell you how to avoid actions that could injure you or others nearby. Page When carrying the fax unit, do not lift it by the handset cradle as it may break. Transmitting is done in error transmissions on or off. You can change these settings by following the procedure on the next page.

Gently rock the cartridge cnon side to side five or six times.


CANON CFX-L4000 User Manual

You must have your sales receipt for warranty service. Once the paper jam is cleared, the document in memory will automatically be printed. The letter k appears in the display.

The cassette can hold about sheets of standard paper. Place the cartridge on a flat, clean surface, and steady it with one hand. Note Once you finish setting up your fax, you are ready to power it up.

Don’t have an account? Remove the toner cartridge from the fax. As the first page of a multiple document is being scanned, your CFX-L will begin to call the other party, and transmit the information even as the remaining pages are being scanned. See “Using the Fax with an Answering Machine” below for more information.

Remove any documents or printed paper from the fax. You pressed the STOP button to cancel the current operation. With the operation panel open, remove the document by pulling it up. Removing Shipping Materials- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -Replaceable Parts The only component of the fax that should need regular service or replacement is the FX3 toner cartridge.

Page The limited warranty set forth below is given by Canon U. Installing The Memory Board. Make sure that the output tray and document support for ADF rest back. This information is called your TTl Transmit Terminal Identification and appears at the top of the faxed document in small type. Press SET twice, then’ the numeric bUttons store the name that goes with the number. Memory Board You may want to’increase yourfax’s rne. Receiving is done in error receiving on or off.


When connecting the fax for the first time, the date display alternates with the following message: When you are finished, close the operation panel by pressing it down from the center as l45000if. Page 50 Press 5 four more times.


The toner is not yet fixed to the paper in this area; take care not to dirty yourself or the inside of the printer area. Page AppendixC Options This feature automatically detects whether.

Enter the time in hour form and date with the numeric buttons. See page for details on crx letters.