Colorimetrically, the P seems fairly accurate, with good, accurate color, albeit not the extreme gamut of some high-end inkjet printers. This can be changed with the up and down arrow keys from one to 50 prints. You’ll see the background go through a Registering process. Expansion Slots Total Qty. Relative to the Kodak Personal PictureMaker , the comparison not shown here is much closer, with the P winning on some reds and yellows through greens, but losing on purples and dark green through cyan colors. Just below the Number selection, a Trimming option allows you to crop the selected image, if necessary. Unused dye just remains on the carrier ribbon and gets spooled onto the take-up reel when the print is completed.

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Image Adjustments The P allows you to make a few minor image adjustments when printing from a memory card. When the image data is finished downloading, the screen displays the total number of image data files downloaded and the number of images that are formatted as Digital Print Order Format DPOF files. The 3-D plot shows just how good the P is, compared to a conventional printing press: Unlike printers that produce color in multiple dots such as the ink jet printer, the P allows one pixel gradation for 1 dot, which is smaller than dpi, the so-called maximum naked eye resolution.

While not quite rising to Olympus’ quoted specifications, the print times achieved by the P are lightning-fast when compared to the print times of many photo-quality inkjet printers. Even animated like this, it’s still hard to see all the details of the graph: The printer’s internal stamp options include bars of music, a birthday cake, fireworks, palm trees, and more — all accessible by scrolling through the Stamp options with the left and right arrow buttons.


The three-color cyan, magenta, and yellow dyes, no separate black printing process of the P results in blacks that are slightly murky and shallow-looking to our eye, falling short of the jet-black that we prefer. The freeware Rotater program will let you view the gamut map interactively.

The images are quite durable though, resistant to damage through scratching or exposure to water, thanks to the transparent overcoat layer that the printer deposits across the entire image area of the print as a final step in the printing process. This is evidently caused by the resampling algorithm used in both the Mac and Windows printer drivers: They can be input directly using the SmartMedia or PC card slots on the front of the printer, or they can be downloaded from an external computer connection using a parallel or USB cable.

Add this product to your shortlist for comparison. On the other hand, the good news is twofold: It will give you the option of downloading Backgrounds or Stamps.

Olympus P 400 – printer – color – dye sublimation Series

With the option highlighted, press the left or right arrow button to bring up the Image Ccolor sub-menu. To process your own images as Background images, simply select the printer’s Setup mode and scroll to the Background Setup option. Both A4 and A5 papers come in an 8.

When you select the Index position camediw the Mode dial, the image data in the card is displayed as small gray squares on the LCD panel.

Using the left and right arrow buttons, scroll through the menu to choose either SmartMedia or PC Card. Likewise, printing the same images from a memory cards resulted in smooth edges with no stairsteps.

Black-and-white LCD display for viewing and selecting images.


Also at the bottom of the LCD display is the number of copies to be printed x 1, x 2, etc. Only a month later, concurrent with its E and ERS camera announcements, the company announced a battery-powered dye-sublimation printer designed for making portable, high-quality, 4 prunter 6-inch prints directly from SmartMedia or CompactFlash memory cards.

Olympus Camedia P – Digital Photo Thermal Printer | eBay

It uses a dye-sublimation processing that is capable of producing photo quality printing at a maximum of 7. The interfaces vary between the PC and Macintosh applications, but the same options are available on both platforms.

The Error lamp lights when a problem occurs with printing. Prints up to 50 copies at a time. Four-pass printing with three colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow plus clear laminate overcoat to protect prints. Olympus’ Camedia software allows priinter to choose the paper size A4, A4 Postcard, A5the number of copies, paper orientation horizontal or verticalprint size percent enlargement or reductionimage sharpness, and color adjustments Gamma, Brightness, Contrast.

A starter kit supplied with the printer includes five sheets of A4 paper and enough dye to make five prints. Some inkjet printers tend to “neck down” at low brightness values, cigital to overaggressive black generation algorithms. Make sure the paper in the cassette matches the format you’ve selected.

P-00 can we talk mail-order mattresses? It requires four passes of the printer head to produce a complete print, including one pass for each of the three colors and one for the protective laminate overcoat.

As we’re finding with most printers we test though, “print time” is subject to some interpretation.