World At War C: Only problem my laptop overheats after 20 minutes and shuts down. Posted January 6, edited. Literally had this problem this morning but I’ve fixed now. A place to start I guess. Black Ops 3 COD:

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When I uninstalled and really had a hard time installing it back again. This didn’t work for me but I found that if I turned off steam community in game in pnkbuster steam settings then it worked fine. Looks like PunkBuster kicks me out now every 20 minutes, I even installed Windows 10 but same issue so Progrwm moved back to Windows 7.

World At War C: Literally had this problem this morning but I’ve fixed now.

Call of Duty PunkBuster Downloads

Frustrating beyond belief no doubt to have to work through crap like this. Posted January 3, Posted January 3, edited.

World At War dedicated servers dlc punkuster. Menti – Bkav: Be ; May 1, 4: This programme allowed me to start uninstalling programme after programme but does a registry scan after each uninstall to check if nothing is left behind.


Call of Duty PunkBuster Downloads

Modern Warfare 3 COD: If you get im3mp. Sign In Sign Up. Same error, no change.

Just update your Punkbuster, or better still uninstall it and reinstall it, go to evenbalance. Go to here and check the video, there is a link in the description for the download. It makes no sense, PunkBuster either kicks you but this way to intermittent.

I thought I had it, removed more programs. Punkbuster – VBA Like EvenBalance said there is a programme that is clashing with PunkBuster. Modern Warfare PunkBuster issue [Error Edited January 3, by Sonovabich. I have been running this configuration with BF4 for at least 10 months running just fine.

Posted January 12, So it seems that if you udty this problem and use dut Microsoft remove function you are still leaving crap behind.

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Glad you got through it. So I removed 5 programs and each one was leaving stuff behind. I recently did some hardware upgrades on my gaming system and did a fresh install of Windows 10 and upon trying to get these older Call of Duty games up and running correctly again I found myself spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out what was going on and how to get around these PunkBuster issues.


If you are unsure of your Call of Dutg game installation directory below are some common paths for each game.

Choose to Re-install Punkbuster, agree to ToS, do whatever tests it asks, then exit Steam completely and restart it and it works hopefully; that’s what did it for me.

Black Ops 3 COD: I’m running the game on Steam; I did a google search that said to uncheck “Show Steam community in game”, but that didn’t seem to help.