The printer automatically cleans the print head when you follow these steps: The paper bin must be closed when you load paper. Printing ProblemsThis section contains problems and solutions related to your printer orthe software you are using. Make sure the printer is turned off and the top cover is closed. The printer automatically positions thepaper so it is ready for printing. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer only when necessary.

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BJe mode and Epson LQ mode. Click on Options in the main dialog box to display the Options If this does not work the printer is faulty. Printer Method Bubble jet ink on-demand Printing Speed 1 bj-100sx characters per second cps in 10 characters per inch cpi in both HQ and economy modes.

Canon’s experienced support personnel at the help desk. The print speed is 1 10 characters per second cps both HQ and economy modes. This means other printers have been installed for yoursystem; this is okay and should not cause any problems.

Therefore, use only the BC cartridge with this bbuble. Examining The Printer As you unpack the printer, save the carton and packing materials in case you want to ship printfr store the printer in the future.


Needs to be depressed for a couple of seconds to ensure powers on correctly. Gently pull out the printet of paper with one hand whileholding down the printer with your other hand. Get weekly tips straight from the experts.

Always charge a new battery pack.

Canon BJ-10sx User Manual

The printer cleans the print head and prints a check pattern. Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

Loading Paper To assure the best performance of your printer, you want to select the best paper and load it correctly. Bn-10sx code page and Multilingual code page Cleaning the Print HeadIf you are having print quality problems, you need to clean theprint head. Page 5 Two resident printer control modes allow the printer to emulate prinfer printers: Grasp the front of the printer with one hand and position theprinter stand with your other hand.


The printer prints a repeating pattern of characters in the default print mode or pitch. Each code page has three character sets: You can print the self test in both printer control modes: Plug the connector end of the AC adapter into the ACadapter receptacle on the right side of the printer. The default dither pattern is Fine. Always feed transparencies from the bottom slot on the printer.


USA code page and Multilingual code page Set the paper thickness dial to the bottom position prknter icon. Make sure the computer is set up correctly for your printer. Open the top cover and insert a sheet of paper into the printer.

Make sure the printer is turned off and the top cover is closed.

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To find out the number for the BBS, call the help desk. Call the Canon help desk at to order this manualControl codes and ESCape sequences tell the printer how to print a job. In this case, you must recharge the battery. The printer does not print There are many reasons why it may not print. On this tab, you will find the applicable drivers for your product or in the absence of any drivers, an explanation of your product’s compatibility with each operating system.