The confusion can arise mainly with the card 8 chip model as this card has 2 notches in the connector part of the PCB which allows it to physically fit in a 3 volt AND a 5 volt slot connector on a PC motherboard. This driver is fully compatible with the following versions of Windows: Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. If you already have a card and want to buy the heatsinks and fit them yourself then you can but be sure to use the correct heatsink glue not supplied for attaching them to ensure maximum heat transfer and of course make sure they dont fall off into the machine where they could cause massive damage by shorting out components etc. Posted March 1, I have emailed the seller of the card to see if they can provide details on the DVR card chipset All three models have significant advantages depending on requirements and the operating system used and of course the software used with the cards e.

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This driver works on Windows 5. I just have 1 home surveillance computer and it is xp home 32 bit. The main problem here is i can’t seem to get windows to see more than one input Start the driver installation file from a Windows account with administrative rights.

Camsecure Blog ยป BT DVR Cards

A quality 4 channel unit would be about as much as a computer, many people on this board can help you pick out a good model. Jun 30 2: But beyond this the from Camsecure is supplied with Windows WDM drivers so it can be used with many quality 3rd party applications such as: Size of this driver: At Camsecure we have a PC running 2 x 8 channel cards side by side and they have a cooling fan at the front of the PC blowing air through the card bay and they run pretty cool even when operating at maximum speed and resolution.


Look at my xvr and pictures here.

The downside to these cards is that they are not Windows WDM compatable. It may turn out that Philips saa cards will give you color controls I am still investigating that. This model of card requires a standard PCI slot in your machine.

This card is a highly popular model for a number of reasons. They are all version 5. In the past i have set up 16 camera systems with windows XP using 4 pieces of 1 chip 4 input cards, framerate was about 7fps on each channel. I poked around for awhile in Blue Iris trying to find a menu for IP cameras to adjust the video color, contrast, hue, saturation, and brightness.

Conexant Fusion 878a EZ View 4 Channel Driver

The installation utility will search your system for any Bt8x8 drivers and delete them. Does anyone know a decent card with 4 chips that i can get D1 recordings from and atleast 7.

Thes cards are supplied by Camsecure along with two versions of the common PICO software which can be used to make a very reasonable DVR set up when using XP with up to by878a pack 2. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads. DVR Surveillance software Motion?


Unknown DVR Capture Driver BT878A driver download and installation

Removing the card will rectify the problem and if this does happen then you should check the slot and move its position to a 5 volt PCI slot.

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At Camsecure we supply 3 x different models of capture card which use the BTa chip. I installed second camera just as I explained dbr. Anyone recommend where i can get the geovision gv? The problem is the trial apps I have downloaded will not see my cameras!!!

Your other alternative is a dedicated hardware DVR. Well it appears i have purchased a cheap card, and the software that came with it wont install correctly on a xp home 32bit system.

Hence, I am on the lookout for a new monitoring app, I bt878x mind paying for it if its worthwhile. Our BTa cards are available in three configurations.

I look forward to your comments on these posts too so please feel free to give us feedback. I did read somewhere soon after though that Pico is now not allowed to be bundled with DVR cards. Zoneminder can capture cameras at full resolution x – a memory settings tweak is all thats vdr.