When I connect on wireless, the internet LED is glowing in the modem. It happens mostly during night hour, letting me unable to rarely connect to internet during night. It is showing connected bt not able to open ny websites!!! I want to know how to restore the default username admin and password admin. I asked BSNL about this and the reply was that the 1yr has expired and they are not responsible now.

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I did all i can. What is the actual problem?? But yesI dont like that type of authenication since only one line can be used and other pcs cannot conenct simulatenously.

Router configuration varies from manufacturer to manufacture. They are also known as ADSL routers. That’s it, now switch it on the wireless router and access seamless internet.

Router for BSNL broadband

Saif, go to this link, and follow the broaeband for configuring your wifi. Even though you want wireless wifi usage, for the first time to configure bsnl router to connect a desktop or laptop through a wired connection as shown below.

So should i replace the modem or can it be repaired? Make the best purchase decision with the help of Router selector.


Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

Check how can Zelect help you in product selection. Kindly direct me the settings insted of directing me to any weblinks. Hit OK and you are done. This means that the Modem has successfully integrated to your LAN system. But the screenshot will be of only of Win7. Here is the quick answer. If you are bold enough you can try FW update fo the modem.

Can I connect the Wi-Fi adapter in this modem,and make it a hotspot access point within my house premises? The phone line is busy. This model with modem is not yet launched in India which provides speeds upto mbps. It has inbuilt modem so that you no need buy an external modem at extra cost. I have a BSNL broadband internet connection.

My problem is this when I opt the ppoe connection through modem I m not able to open some sites, like indianrails. Finally i got the connection…. This modem was configured at the BSNL exchange however once I came and tried to connect — this modem also has the same problem — only the DSL usbb POwer lights are on and inet light is still off.


USB port on teracom wifi modem for

Hi, i have a doubt on static IP, We have taken static IP from Bsnl broadband, now we mofem shifted our office, and we have bsnl broadband but for other telephone number. Enable DHCP in your modem.

Simply follow these instruction: I want to use wifi connectivity on this mobile. Maybe some memory leaks or something like that.

Working from home has its challenges, but one of the most annoying things is having to deal with an uncooperative internet connection. If anybody know something bfoadband this please clarify. Generally BSNL authorities offer a modem but i would recommend you guys to use a modem from Dlink because its far uwb better in terms of stable connection and speedy connectivity.

Nov 25, Messages: Then if you have 1Gbps router then your internet speed will be under 10Mbps. Then i try speedguide.