You can see yourself in it. Leading the way in the Bridgestone range is the J driver that carries the looks to justify a very premium price tag. The look, the sound, the feel, even the freaking headcover. Ping G15 Ranked 3rd: THis really was a great review. Tiger used the driver for years.

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Leading the way in the Bridgestone range is the J driver that carries the looks to justify a very premium price tag. All this made the Bridgestone J driver sounds and feel really good at impact, with a subtle zing noise that I think will please any golf purist.

There are any number of reasons I could use to justify why I am going to knock a star off, from the price, the parade gloss headcover, the slightly confusing hosel, or the fact the head didn’t seem to like being adjusted by me anyway.

James April 11, – 2: Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. If I get this club it will have the V2 Pro Force in it. Not on the list but the D3 just came out of my bag and although my new BB is definitely better looking it hasn’t completely outperformed the yet.


I shoot my own pictures and spend a lot of time forming my own opinions in my blog posts, but for bridgsetone reason that goes unnoticed by some who must quickly glance at the site and not really read the entire reviews. JJ March 12, – 7: Wilson Staff D7 Irons December 10, Without a smooth J to compare against Bridtestone will just have to take their word for this, as anyway it all depends on the spin the rest of the driver head creates in the first place.

You will be impressed. Might not be my saviour, but I certainly would give it a hit if I got the chance.

Bridgestone J715 460 Driver Review

Can you say deeeep brigdestone. South of Boston Ebay ID: This would be a good test to compare the J Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I put the exact same swing on the J Looks, sound and feel are purely subjective and when push comes to shove, the club must perform to earn a spot in the golf bag. And, my lord, what a club.

Top Classic Driver in the last 5 years?

That, to me, shows really commitment to give every golf the best possible club for their money that they can and should be appluaded. The Srixon Z-rw spent 5 yrs in the bag and the Srixon W, 2 yrs prior. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.


A real nice shaft offering too. Tiger used the driver for years. The stock shaft, which seems to work very well for my swing, is the Project X fairway wood shaft. The ball flight is low to medium. Thanks for the comments Mikez.

I’ve forgotten my password. Overall A pioneer in golf ball aerodynamics for quite a while, Bridgestone Golf has brought their development to the equipment side of things and the J40 delivers in every area it sets out to. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. Check brridgestone our contests! I also Play the PX 6.

Bridgestone Golf J40 3+ Fairway Wood Review | Hooked On Golf Blog

I agree with James. During a recent survey, it appears that most casual golfers viewed the 5. Like the review states, with a clean look and a sound players of all skill levels will love, this is a great option, even for bridgestohe players player!