More importantly, there were no C2 errors at all. At least to be somewhat fair, they treat Linux users the same way. While LightScribe capable drives use the same laser when burning both the data and label, they have to be able to accurately control the laser’s focus and position as well as the spindle speed. Nov 15, 2: This buffer is also backed up by some form of buffer underrun protection. For this test I used Pure Funk.

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I reckon it may have died on me.

Blu-ray™ Disc Rewriter Super Multi Blue Slim Portable

However, its performance was on par with the other Blu-ray Disc writers I’ve tested. In our tests, it took 25 seconds to do a quick erase and 5: I used 12x rated Memorex Gold 74 minute media for the tests.

That’s because there are no Blu-ray players for the Mac. They also must be able to recognize LightScribe media. I can insert and remove disks using the white button on the front of it okay, but now nothing shows up on bo06lu10 desktop, CDs no longer play, and it doesn’t show up in Disk Utility or under ‘About this Mac’.

This connector not only transfers data but provides power for the drive.


LG BE06LU10 external Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drive with OS X?

Take a look below. The drive started reading at In our tests, the drive took When it reaches this point, its writing speed increases to 24x and stays there until the end of the session.

Thanks to its USB 2. It’s hard to tell by looking at the pictures below, but the blue plastic contains a metallic flake that helps hide the finger prints and smudges that glossy plastic tends to attract.

Most major software companies have pledged support for the technology. The results are shown below.

I don’t know if Toast will improve upon this? Even if you have a LightScribe capable drive and media, you will need software that supports it.

LG BE06LU10 external Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drive with OS X? | MacRumors Forums

We have a computer that is used only for testing hardware. Blue ray movie discs load ok but they just show a lot of folders with strange files inside. Ask a question Reset. Nac the manual, it also takes the user step by step through the installation process and includes a few diagrams showing the buttons and connectors on the front and back of the drive.

LG Electronics Provided By: The drive took 4: I’ll try that next. These special discs have a thin dye coating on the label side that absorbs laser light.


Just select your template type, disc information, text layout, background image and print destination. If that is what you’re trying to accomplish, I’d think it’d be a better idea to simply drag ‘n drop that footage onto an external hard drive Firewire preferred.

With LabelPrint, you can design and print labels, covers and inlays in four easy steps. It works fine with my iMac and Yes, the Mac will treat it the same as any other hard drive, or optical drive it can read a bootable system from.

I purchased the Titanium version, and the rebate negates the cost of the plugin. Along with a good looking, compact design, this new Blu-ray Disc writer offers some of the fastest reading and writing speeds available on a portable drive as well as useful features like support for LightScribe and the ability to power itself off a computer’s USB bus. Power2Go also offers enhanced security features, allowing you to password protect and encrypt the names of files on your discs.

But other than that, you won’t find anything you can’t do in v.