Setting up a usb gps dongle Fri Jun 15, 7: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Point Windows to the folder you created. I have opened a ticket with their support but nothing back yet The stylish stereo adapter looks more fabulous in a black color.

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Hi, Thanks for quick reply, but my laptop – an old Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook e doesn’t have Bluetooth. The only reason for it not to be working now is 1.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Just so I can move my Usg 6ft across my front room! The stylish stereo adapter looks more fabulous in a black color.

You need unplug the GPS dongle and reboot.

gluenext The command gpspipe -r Feb Bromley Posts: I tried to install this but it looks like it didnt work, do I need to plug in the adapter before the install? No probs – glad it was of help Welcome to the site btw. If you are using it to set the time, you also need to restart the NTP service: And I am glad that all the black lovers will not be disappointed as this Bluetooth transmitter comes in a black color bluenexy well.


Plugging this in and typing lsusb showed a new entry: Setting up a usb gps dongle Sat Jun 16, 5: The device installs correctly and is recognised fine. In Device Bpuenext, right click the item you mentioned and choose to update the driver. You are commenting using your WordPress. Leave the other options or arguments blank as they are not needed.

BlueNext BN WD54G + Belkin F5D wireless usb adapter drivers for Vista 64 Bit

Hi Terry, Have just ordered a BT dongle. Are you running Vista 64 bit? Hi All, Any resolution on this issue? The results look like this: The COM port assigned will be listed.

I used “sudo dpkg-reconfigure gpsd” to reconfigure gpsd which modifies the configuration file. My GPS dongle needs to have a fix before the maping clients show a GPS connect so don’t get spooked and think it is not working. However, installing Sharpfin and using telnet both require that the radio has network connectivity adapterr, with a faulty Wi-Fi dongle, it doesn’t have.

BlueNext BN WD54G + Belkin F5D7050 wireless usb adapter drivers for Vista 64 Bit

Notify me of new comments via email. Setting up a usb gps dongle Sat Jun 16, 3: Please note that ttyUSB0 is case sensitive.


The output from the gps device also provides heading data, so it could theoretically be used on a moving vehicle but practically sub would not work, unless the vehicle was moving extremely slowly.

Obviously, you need to be outside for this.

Watch what is happening with the gpsd tool xgps and be sure you have a fix. There is a list of known compatible dongles here: We are documenting stuff here as we go.

BlueNEXT BN01 Bluetooth USB Adapter V2.0 EDR

I’m sure that if I could get the correct driver flashed into the Reciva radio it would accept the dongle and work. I’ve only just received my RPi and have yet to sort out all the peripherals needed to get it running, but hopefully I can pick up the pieces of this in the near future and make some progress.

Hope that helps someone!