If sync is 1, then the flip occurs on the next vertical blank. AutoMidHandle defaults to False after calling Graphics. The id specifies an object to be returned to future CollideImage calls when collisions occur. When using Flip to present such graphics, BlitzMax will guarantee the desired refresh rate is honored regardless of the available hardware’s capabilities. You can ‘select’ this object for rendering using:

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The range from 0. Blittzmax current Scale, Rotation, Origin and Handle settings are taken into account so coordinates for the collision commands accurately match their drawing counterparts DrawRect and DrawImage. The width and height parameters specify the dimensions of the graphics, in pixels.

A graphics object represents a rectangular area you can render to. ImagesCollide2 uses the specified Rotation and Scale paramteters to calculate at a pixel level if the two images collide overlap. The current mask color is used to build an alpha mask when images are loaded or modified.

How do I change Graphics window title after…

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grxphics Images are pre-rendered chunks of graphics that can be efficiently drawn using a single DrawImage command. To set the viewport, use the SetViewport command. Drawing commands can be scaled and rotated using the SetScale and SetRotation commands.

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A TGraphicsMode object contains the following fields: SetTransform is a shortcut for setting both the rotation and scale parameters in Max2D with a single function call. Policies and guidelines Contact us.

The depth parameter selects a pixel bit depth. Drawing commands are affected by the current color, alpha and blend mode. An image’s handle is subtracted from the coordinates of DrawImage before rotation and scale are applied.

This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Pitch refers to the difference, in bytes, between the start of gaphics row of pixels and the start of the next row.

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AutoMidHandle defaults to False after calling Graphics. If sync is -1 and the current graphics object was NOT sft with the Graphics command, then the flip will occur on the next vertical blank. EndGraphics closes the graphics object returned by Graphics.


For example, the following code: Only the area within the st is ever modified, and attempting to draw outside the viewport will result in the drawing command being clipped or chopped to the viewport. Unlocks an image previously locked with LockImage. This command is useful for calculating horizontal alignment of text when using the DrawText command.

CreateGraphics creates a graphics object. If sync is 0, then the flip occurs as soon as possible. This page was last edited on 25 Januaryat Note that the newly created pixmap will contain random data.

The current Origin is an x,y coordinate added to all drawing x,y coordinates after any rotation or scaling. To install your pixmap loader, simply create an instance of it using New. Graphics also enables polled input mode, providing a simple way to monitor the keyboard and mouse. Image drawing is also affected by color, alpha, blend, rotation and scale.