I’m half way to a 1k DoD! Possibly it was rebadged as an Advent at some point? I’m not trying to shit in your thread but only try to clarify something for a potential buyer. This BookPC is now for sale! There are also, of course, no expansion card openings in the back panel, because there are no expansion card slots inside. Mon May 21, 7: So does this mean the device cannot even take a Celeron 2?

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You only need to undo a couple more screws to free the drive bays, though.

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Drivers support AC3 5. Tue May 01, 6: To open the little Patriot remove the 3 phillips screws at the back and pull the casebackward ,you will be able to se inside the case now. Tue May 01, 3: You’re not likely to spend much time fiddling with a Book PC’s guts, in any case, since there’s really not much you can do. I wonder if he needs anything in trade. Free bump for a nice guy and a cool computer.

It’s a proper computer with no expansion capabilities to speak of, granted, but it’s a proper PC.

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Sign In Need an account? What, exactly, this option does I’m not sure, but my best guess is “causes the network connection to not work”. The video adapter’s not a lot faster than an modfm 3dfx Voodoo 2 for 3D, but it can handle 32 bit colour and higher resolutions, if you don’t mind losing frame rate. See how neat it fits in there?


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I have a pair of 4GB drives. But thats all you’ll need as everything is built in. Sep 12, Posts: If you’ve already got one PC and want one or more other, simple, straightforward Windows boxes for your business or home, Book PCs can do the job elegantly.

You won’t get away for much less than that, for a full Book PC-based computer. Advent book PC, Model No. Posted 01 December – Moedm in winmodem on a connector. Community Forum Software by IP.

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I have on right infront of me, the one i got doenst have tv out. This matches the Basic PC design well; Celerons are excellent value for money, and the faster ones give an excellent account of themselves, with two thirds of the speed of P-IIIs that cost twice as much. Enter the Book PC. Mon May 21, 5: Feb 22, Posts: If they came in a normal desktop case then there’d be nothing remarkable about them at all, but their extraordinarily small size and adequately-standard kodem puts them in a market niche otherwise served only by rather more expensive network PCs from more famous brands.


Sep 19, Posts: I simply pressed those in with a very thin srewdriver while I wiggled and pulled on each wires until I was able to remove the wires that I needed.

Turn the option off, and all is well. Also marketed as Theatre PC by several marketers. They may also be recycled, refitted Pentium-class machines which can chug along just fine if you just want to run Microsoft Works, play DOOM and surf the Web a bit, but which choke hideously on anything more demanding.

Needless to say, it won’t just plug directly in to the little Book PC’s motherboard, which has only a six pin socket. The suspiciously cheap “basic PCs” peddled on late-night TV – by people who may or may not also have a midem line of fat-burning herbal teas and pyramid-power lottery number generators – may be perfectly good value.

Mon May 21, 6: