I’m new to BIRT eclipse environment. This property can be set when using a JDBC data source. Lucky me, I’ve read your this entry in many times. Lesson checkpoint In this lesson, you set up a database connection for the project. You do not set it in the designer. With the latest nightly build, you can work around this by manually typing in the driver class name this was not possible with the M3 build since it used a dropdown list for the driver class. I looked in the report design file and was confused by the lack of information in there since I did not know how to interpret it.

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Susan, The Sample data source definition actually does not contain any information that you are looking for, i.

Tue, 17 May I tried to download this plugin as it is and copied it to BIRT plugins directory after adding few sysout. Also, if you still happen to have subjdbc eclipse plugin, please brit that as well. I unzipped the provided plug-in into the “plugins” directory of my ReportEngine home directory.

Sorry, but where do I call task. You can also look at http: I did check out the BIRT source. The only thing I was unsure of was what kind of project embeddwd import the code into.


Lesson 3: Set up the database connection

Here is a link to an uploaded version of the deployable plugin. By the way, can you help me where can i download the package that contains these classes as org. This is determined by the driverType in the bjrt extension. Then, if you were using WebSphere Application ServerEGL used the information in this design-time connection to create a matching connection to be used at run time.

Problem with driver “BIRT SampleDB Derby Embedded Drive

Embeddex code works like a charm on Linux. Susan Cline from the Derby project! In short, you will set up a database connection that allows your EGL application to connect to the database both when you design the application the design-time connection and when you run the application on the server the run-time connection.

If you are using Tomcat, additional edrby later in this lesson will guide you through associating this connection with Tomcat. In focus, i’ve just being used BIRT to embed it into my web application for 3 months. Where do I call the tast. Hi Jason Couple of questions: Before, I had the information there to directly connect to the DB, which worked perfectly. I am not getting any SOP.


Problem with driver “BIRT SampleDB Derby Embedded Drive – Genuitec

What exactly do I have to specify as the data source of my report design file? The editor looks very different depending on the version of the application server you use. EGL set the values of bkrt database-related build descriptor options, as explained earlier in the lesson. The New Connection window retrieved this name from the derby.

Cheers and great job Jason! The code given by you is also working correct. Specifically connection pooling has been addressed with a JNDI property. Sothat, it made my system be Out Of Memory Exception. Is there an mean to find the deployable plugin anywhere on the web? It works perfectly and was a real lifesaver for me. Has anyone else run across this? For the JDBC driver this should be set to org. I can understand why we’re setting the connection thru the application context.

We tried to find that through google.