The Innova Sidearm or Forehand Drive Chart shows the basic forehand grips and a step by step explanation from Dave Dunipace on how to throw this basic disc golf shot. Straight shots still go straight while turnovers stay turned with a gentle landing. The Innova DX Roc is an overstable mid range disc and is the best, …. Innova Firebird – DX. I used the original concept of the power grip when I first started disc golf and hit a cap on my distance at ft. The middle finger is the major component in this grip as the disc will push off and release only from that finger during the throw.

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It is one of Innova’s most popular upwind drivers that works…. It is the number one professional mid range and is accurate at any range. Similar to a Teebird but faster and will hold up better to the added torque from a FH throw. Teebirds are typically overstable for newer players. Compared to the TeeBird, the TeeBird3 is faster with less glide but has the same turn and fade flight ratings. It can fairwau lots of torque and arm speed, a disc that you can count on to never turn over even in the fierce headwinds.


Fodehand Destroyer – Champion Metal Flake. Remember, when throwing those approaches or short drives with Mid-Range discs or Putters, accuracy becomes critical and this grip will help immensely.

Advanced Disc Golf Grips | Avery Jenkins | Disc Golf World Champion

The Innova DX Starfire is a fast, dependable, slightly overstable maximum distance driver. Innova Starfire – GStar.

Innova TeeBird – GStar. It is a very fast disc golf disc with significant glide. This legendary bird remains a foeehand and, as illustr…. The Innova Echo Star Boss is an overstable distance driver.

One thing I would love to see is a few multi-angle slow motion video shots of your backhand and sidearm. Innova considers the following discs to be good for Sidearm or Forehand throws. The Gstar Teebird would be fine too as evidenced by the votes already. For more information on these Discs or other Fairway Drivers available go to: It will hold the line you put it on.

Innova Boss – Pro Driver.

Having trouble with disc forehad It partly depends on how hard your friend naturally throws. The Innova DX Roc is an overstable mid range disc and is the best, most versatile mid range Innova makes. I started to use this Forehand Power Grip after watching the best forehand thrower in the game, Scott Stokley, just throwing some sidearm bombs on the course.


Innova Sidearm Golf Discs

The Ring and Little finger are extended and rest on the front edge of the disc, they remain there for support and are bent out of the way right before the disc is released. Innova Ape – Blizzard Champion. Find all posts by ODRB. September 25, at 6: The Innova R-Pro Cro is a slightly overstable mid range driver.

Send a private message to discgolfer Its so controllable that I preferred to throw it for long range tee shots, I use this disc for pin-point accurate drives where I need to keep it in the fairway. Send a private message to Keller. Send a private message to ODRB. Atlanta, GA Courses Played: Innova Aviar Putter – Pro Yeti.