Its techies like you who give the web a good name. This adapter is the first of several that I’ve tried that both installed without a hitch and works perfectly. Saved me from dumping my cable!! Kudos to the author of this article. I purchased many of these in bulk only later to find out that they were not compatible with Windows 7.

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Belkin USB to Serial

Arjen in Perth said, great hero thank you so much. A search and hit on the web that actually addressed and resolved the problem I had.

Wholesale cost is prob under 5 bucks. After long search I found this driver.

Belkin USB to Serial | eBay

Yishai said, Thanks a lot!!!!! Until I fumbled on your solution for the Belkin. Seria Specification User Manual [pdf ]. Roscoe said, Much appreciated. No, this product is not compatible with vista 64 bit.

The combo worked fine on previous 16 bit systems. Ruth said, Thank you for posting this! Benjamin Close said, Link updated — thanks!


Thank you so much for your work and your willingness to share what you found fs1u09. He was getting very frustrated and thought he had to buy a new cable. I had jsb found a website where someone had pulled the adaptor apart to determine if the chipset was an FTDI chipset.

Have a great day! Kudos to the author of this article.

This download did the trick! Thank you for saving the life setial a number of items I have not been able to connect to since upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit. This worked great two days ago. Kudos to you and boo to Microsoft.

: Belkin USB SERIAL PORT ADAPTER (F5UCU): Electronics

Belkin Usb Serial Driver said. Ariel said, Thank you very much — your post is invaluable!

Formula said, Thank you so much! This Belkin is a whole new -and nice- story, it works flawlessly and also it’s a solid piece of hardware, something I know can be use over and over again for years to come.


Technical Specification

However when it doesn’t, watch out. Benjamin Close said, For the 32 bit drivers, just try the vista drivers. Thank you so much. Please update your links as MCT has changed their website a lot.

seriql Ben’s guide to making your site show up in Google SEO said. Puntcat said, Moltes gracies, thanks, perfect solution r3n said, Thank you sir! OK, so I read further and found http: Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and research! Frances said, I have a Belkin F5U which is now working on my laptop Windows 7 thanks to your advice.

You are the best.