But the console is simple enough to go it alone after 20 minutes of manipulation without too much hassle too. As the output is dependent on the main mix, you can also use it to make a recording on MiniDisc or MP3 for example. I said that I bought secondhand. For the price they ask for nothing better. Uh, I had the ocaz to serve me a bit of a big table together I know the brand but if not, nan. One effect on all tracks.

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Behringer XENYX 2222fx 22 Input Mixer

Must have at least on the other hand of DI for instruments because they do not integrate them. I love the fact that it is easy to use and connect, and the ush is well written. Most of the 16 tracks Least not the direct output he had tinkered cables on the output to be able to insert the true multitrack with Cubase.

The quality of sound that comes out on the PC is good, I use audacity and record trs me drinking. The sound is not too “colorful” but it appears correctly with a compressor.

Request a new review. I use the console and also in concert again. No, I would rather a console 16 inputs, while staying within the brand Behringer. And what better to have it costs much, much more!!


Excellent at this price I do not think it is best on the market. It said it can avoid investing in a multi-purpose and it is more than enough for most uses. Not satisfied with those reviews? I am a beginner in this field, xeny I do not know much about hardware. I do not come back on board effects.

Many think he simply plug his guitar live on the console beyringer presto voila. Write a user review Ask for a user review. In any case to advise groups that began in Anime Studio, or invest in their first table.

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It is job and the record is correct. The manual is a little fuzzy in places and a bit short. I use the 4 stereo microphones for the battery which makes me 8 entries 2 XLR bbehringer singing, 2 XLR for bass a bass and a microphone jack amplified output of the bass amp 4 XLR for guitars on the same principle as the bass. Who are not high. Nah but seriously it does not seem to me I do not dwell too much since I have not enough experience to judge – No apparent breath, to be sufficient when the gain of the microphones when the microphones back rotten, but 2222fx plutt is normal.

I was sometimes necessary hardware, Night at the outcome level, but for 3 hours of use without ever having touched a console in my 22222fx, I think it’s pretty good.


I know not yet what it is paramtrique so I do not pronnonce – There is bebringer section for 99 greenhouse effect! I said that I bought secondhand.

Behringer XENYX fx 22 Input Mixer | eBay

And the sound reproduced faithfully enough. But the console is simple enough to go it alone usg 20 minutes of manipulation without too much hassle too. The settings of the potentiometers are handled with care plastic behringeer the moment after 2 years of intensive use I had no breaks but I am careful of somebody with my hardware.

To have a live concert as understood in Hp. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

I use it for 2 days – What is so 2222ffx that you like most and least? All buttons are accessible and well identified, and I never got lost in the manual. Keyboards are directly on the sound card Midi. Small flat minor they could incorporate a connector to put a lamp.

It has 99 built-in effects. Unfortunately, I can not put an effect in all, not one per entry. I could easily add effects and adjust the sounds so that they fit together.