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Tech 21 Bass DI’s? | The Gear Page

It also has a blend knob, so I can dial in varying degrees of my clean signal and not run a completely saturated signal to the FOH. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

If you’re not playing out much – go for it. Would kind of compare it to Slipknot’s self-titled album. Don’t discount the Para Driver too.

The RPM lets you set the Q of the mids, though. Though it may be an end goal, it will be easier to swallow the cost of it considering what I can do with the pedal vddi it will be what I truly want. Aug 28, 2. I got a behringer one to see if I liked it before shelling out on the sansamp and have never got round to getting the sansamp.


Para Driver vs Bass Driver – Effects – Basschat

Aug 28, 1. Not really, it’s usually one or the other. Keep that fairly low and it works really well.

Why become a member? Sign in Already have an account? All times are GMT I had just one gig approaching where i couldn’t use back line and wasn’t going to splash out for a BDDI. I have a couple of passive J’s that sound like absolute butter through it though. The para driver seems more tweakable, but is 6 of one I almost prefer my tech 21 to any amp Bddk had.

Bdsi sounds better than the sansamp to my ears, and gives you lots of control over your mids, which is good. It’s definitely a new idea for me to even think about! I sold a darkglass microtubes mostly because I didn’t notice a difference between it and my sansamp para-driver to rationalize the price difference.

The PD’s EQ is very powerful, especially the mid control, on top of that you still have a blend knob. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Apart paara that, the rest is more or less the same as it has always been. Just a thought, but is there room to rack it in the BACK of your current set up?


Tech 21 – SansAmp Bass Driver DI v2 REVIEW

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RockStarNickOct 15, LeftyBassAug 28, Loads of options, selectable shape control which I personally don’t use, as my rig is pretty low endy! If the answer is yes then I guess that i should go for the VT?

To counter this on the bass-driver is to blend in the clean, but personally it’s never the same as actually adding mids. You can definitely get a variety of clean sounds from the VT. It’s just that you can’t set the Q yourself the freq’s are hardwired.

A few years later i was about to sell it so i thought i’d gig it a go at a gig to make sure it was still working and, well, i was hooked.