You can also clean the printer to improve the print quality. Check that the paper format is set to “Card”. You can also resume the printing job by clicking. Clean the print head. This icon is a Printer Manager communication tool between your computer and your Badgy printer. Double-click on the Printer Manager icon located at the bottom of your screen, in the notification zone.

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Support My Account Connection Partners access. The USB port versions 1. How do I update the Badgy printer firmware on a Mac? As a company, Badgy helps you: Please note that if you do not save the changes made “Presets” menuthe default settings will be used the next bdgy you print.

Badgy, personalized plastic card printer for small runs | Badgy

Print quality varies depending on the card manufacturer. With the badgy solution, priinter have everything you need to instantly print professional quality badges yourself. I have some colors spots all over the card. Skip to main content. My new ribbon is generating an error or is not running smoothly During packaging or transport operations, the Badgy ribbon spindle may become detached from the main spindle see the photo below.


Is the power supply faulty? Support My Account Connection Partners ptinter.

Download the cafd font package. In fact, printing will optimize colors only on a white background. Evolis presents the Badgy solution designed to help you print professional-quality color badges with perfect ease. A driver acts like a translator between the device and programs that use the printer.

Badgy is a quality card printer at an affordable price! The Badgy black monochrome ribbon ref.

Download Evolis Badge Studio

Read the case study. With Badgy, you can quickly print small batches of personalized badges.

Contact us about this product. LED s of the control panel are on.

This is the same format as a credit card and the dimensions are: During packaging or transport operations, the Badgy ribbon spindle may become detached from the main spindle see the photo below.

How pinter I configure a ribbon on a Mac? This window is generated by the “Printer Manager” communication tool. What does it mean?


Frequently asked questions

The on-off switch on the control panel should flash during the firmware update. How do I use Badge Studio? You can also extend the warranty for prrinter solution up to 3 years. Click ” System Preferences” in the ” Apple ” menu.

If the ribbon has been torn, please check the following: R prints up to cards, single-sided only. Do not use any other cleaning product.

My ribbon gets cut. Check that the cards are not stuck together and that you are using cards compatible with Badgy Badgy consumables are designed to optimize print quality.