I got this mainly because I had taken my car to Autozone to diagnose a problem. I’m interested in doing resales here in Brazil, interested in making a commercial partnership? We will offer you more information ASAP. Hello support, can you explane how to connect the maxiscan to PC??? Hi Misra Auto Gas, Thanks for your inquiry. My brother has the same tool and it reads it but he has updated the tool”s software. If i require another unit can you provide me with the model number and a price delivered to Australia my cars are a Suzuki Toyota and Mitsubishi if something will check the lot Cheers Heath.

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This ergonomic scan tool, though sophisticated yet easy-to-use, makes your vehicle service experience much more pleasant! Please let me know if I need update or if the equipment is damaged, bacause I noted a lot of messages with the same situation.

Will it graph them when connected to a computer? The CD that came with the MS is empty! In the instructions it shows a table with min and max values, but I want to make sure that it graphs them. Hello Team, i need to know if i got this device and i have a 20 pin round connector is it will work on 97 bmw e36 or not.


About MaxiScan MS ~ Autel MaxiScan MS problems

Where can I download the computer software for the maxiscan MS Good day, please i have an autel diagnostic scanner, i want to know how it works. Can you send me the info or??? Hi, when will these be available again and how much?

Trying so hard to download maxiscan ms software and it just won’t work. Click here to view our old customers’ reviews. I have just bought a ms scanner but the cd does not work with my windows 7 laptop is there a place i can go to download a newer version for windows 7. I went to Jersey and the guy who filled my gas tank did not close the tank properly so it threw a code.

The scanner will come with its protective cover, and the extension and mxxiscan everything listed on the manual inside the pocket. I have your Harbor Freight version of this product, Model Hi, when are you expecting more stock on this item as I would like to purchase one.

Autel MaxiScan MS509 OBD-II/EOBD Scanner

I wany to purchase a new autel maxiscan Hi ChrisThanks for your inquiry and thanks for your waiting patiently. I have a Renault Thalia. Hello,im interested in your product the ms to keep in my tool box auteel a diy mechanic. Although I found out the software does not work on Windows 7. Prize of the machine. That is usable on the scanner.


With Opel Corsa 1. It did what I needed.

Im looking for a cable obd 2 and 15 male pins on the unit. I could not find a way to clear only the one code, but with this tool I had to clear everything including the mxxiscan codes for the emisions. Thanks a lot for your help.

Thanks a lot Tibor. How would i solve the problem that display in scanner. See details for additional description. Updates, Discounts, Special offers.

Autel Maxiscan MS509 Obd Ii Eobd Scanner 11555311

Did what I needed It did what I needed. I’m impressed with the amount of information it provides.

Auutel CD sent with unit to install software on computer will not install multiple errors interruption, installation failed So how can I install with no tech support to call for instructions. Just bought this unit new.