Vegas does allow you to specify an external capture app. I believe I have solved the issue: You people give up too quickly. There’s no other option I checked the preferences to change it and didnt see any other place to alter it. Thank you so much for your help I mean it Thermaltake Aguila – PSU:

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Sign In Sign Up. The issue arises only when I try to capture the video on the local file system.

Unknown Capture Error – AV Capture/Output – Roxio Community

I installed everything from scratch I’m with you Richard Uninstall everything — everything — and then load what came on your CD. What about AGP drivers? I guess I bought this card about years ago. Correct, it is unrelated, you don’t connect audio out to the TV in and I have no audio connected in the first place. Usually I can just reload the application that has “broken” and get on with it.

Windows XP: INF for ATI T200 Unified AVStream v8.252.0.0 (32bit)

After I connected both audio and video no error messages are returned. I don’t see anywhere in the TV app to record from another source. And I remember spending days and days to fix it And thanks for your help!


Thank you so much y200 your help I mean it Though they don’t have the best website I’d say Searched almost every single forum but nothing. I can record from cable, but can’t find anything else. It gives me the message the other person got about not being on. Then capture using one of the preferred capture options.


All times are GMT I experience the same issue, although the situation is now a bit different: Audio signal coming from the camcorder has been input to AUX plug of my integrated sound card. Years ago Any advice?

Have you ever gotten one of the AVI codecs to work? Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember that this used to be a common error message.

– Windows XP: INF for ATI T Unified AVStream v (32bit)

Then install the driver. Video requires patience, and that includes the hardware, which is a wee bit more complex than normal stuff. Contact Caputre VideoHelp Top.


Over the years I have had my share of problems with it, usually with the Titan TV application going flakey, but nothing that has involved days to fix or having to reload system AGP drivers or reseat captude video card. I don’t see an answer to the question about on board graphics. Have you reseated the card?

I have 2 computers with AIW ‘s. Click on the Right Mouse button and select “New” and then set whatever format and parameters you prefer. The time now is May be that more infos about my system could be useful: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Then I select my custom option as the default capture within the Recording Preset, roll the VHS tape and then press capture. I set composite video input in all programs.