Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Anything above a GeForce 4 series or Radeon 9xxx series in low-profile should be good. Don’t suppose you can test at x? You’d need to access the driver’s control panel that has not to do with the Windows control panel to manage this, if it can be done at all. The standard ATi drivers for Rage XL don’t include widescreen resolutions widescreen monitors weren’t as fashionable back then. Any suggestions as to correcting this limitation on DVI connector? And you’re upgrading it?

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The Rage VR announcement claims that should work. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.

Widescreen resolutions with Radeon 7000?

It should take any low profile AGP 4x card You’d need to access the driver’s control panel that has not to do with the Windows control rate to manage this, if it can be done at all. Then I’ll suggest getting the best card you can find for your budget – ATI and Nvidia still provide driver downloads for old cards on their websites.

Thu Mar 25, View answer in context. I am not real knowledgeable about computers and all that I do know has been because of past problems or lots of research.

Originally posted by AndyG: Ask a question Reset. If you have no plans for using OS X I have tried going to display from control panel and changing the settings but there is no way option for x there. This way you will get a faster, better response from the members on Motherboard Point.


Apologies, I read win2k in the thread, didn’t notice jim’s later reply. However, these cards have reports of problems in Leopard. Anyway, the information as per dell states: Find More Posts by lnjr.

ATI Rage with widescreen monitor

Find More Posts by Qualitier. If you widesreen how to get x to display in the settings then I would be grateful. Should I install that and post the information here? If the new resolution doesn’t appear just after doing the edition, reboot and it should appear. It should take any low profile AGP 4x card Ant suggestions – the most recent drivers I could find for it were a Radeon Further, the Rage Pro is typically suited for driving smaller digital monitors of 17″, possibly 20″.

Neither computer is widesccreen of the art and probably don’t merit much of an upgrade considering their usage.

Limited video resolution using DVI conneā€¦ – Apple Community

I am not looking to play games on the pc – just everyday researching, email and such. AFAIK it isn’t a hardware limitation. Reboot when prompted, reboot anyway if not prompted.

I think widescrren I will just leave it at that for now and see how it goes. I would have thought that the graphics card that is in the Dell Dimension would be better than the one in the HP Pavilion but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to get it to allow me to set the display settings to x Simply, under the “Video” folder registry “folder” I’m meaning here, represented as such by the regedit GUI there should be several keys, all with widrscreen hex names.


Can the Rage XL do sidescreen res?

As the monitor drivers should be installed well by now, I would let them alone at least in this first attempt. And you’re upgrading it?

Maybe a Radeon X or GeForce would be best – they were cheap and plentiful in that form factor in Dec 6, 9: Some at least one, depending on your history of drivers installed for the card are related to the card, some are not. Reply Rzge have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Mac identifies ATI Rage pro video card.