We are a very small business, yet they have always taken the time to make sur…. The Unreal II game has problems with fog on the v The principle of operation is that air gets into the closed sink and blows over the hot processor. Retrieved 23 March A similar cooler design was first used one and a half years ago on a GeForce4 Ti based card. On September 30 ATI pompously announced two new products:

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MSI to Announce the R3870X2, R3600 & R3400 Series

Write a comment below. A further announcement was made that there would be a Radeon HD variant bearing the same features as Radeon HDbut with a unique device ID that does not allow add-in card partners in China to re-enable the burnt-out portion of the GPU core for more memory bandwidth.

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Radeon HD 3000 Series

Ask a question Compare. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Experience stunning visual realism in today’s demanding 3D games with uncompromising image quality, especially on HD displays. Stock level indicator Close.

The Unreal II game has problems with fog on the v So, what’s the difference between the R and its predecessor? I’m glad ATI changes its attitude towards appearance of their products and now we can see a really beautiful cooler,which is also very effective. f3600



It’s the first time the Mbit chips are packed in BGA. All features and high-end specifications are truly a worth of praise. Log In Forgot Password.

All other hardware r36000 are retained. The card also features specially designed dual fansinks. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Asustek’s Radeon HD X2 series graphics card specifications. DirectX 10 is the first totally new DirectX in the last 4 years and brings important graphics innovations that can be used by game developers for the next generation of games.

Support in this table refers to the most current version.

First-tier makers unveil latest ATI Radeon series graphics cards

Enjoy break-through efficiency from cutting-edge technology and new energy-saving features that can help qti save money and enable cool, quiet PCs. The demonstrated development board is on PCI Express 2. This is also actually an overclocked version of the NV In our 3Digest you can find full comparison characteristics for video cards of this and other classes.

Add-on card Mobos press release product. The speed gain is not great. I hope the emulated NV38 won’t differ much from the real one, and we won’t have to retest the cards.


The design is slightly altered, though it’s basically the same. The results obtained with the v Smartphones, notebooks and ayi This Digitimes Research Special Report offers global shipment forecasts for three major mobile device market segments – smartphones, notebooks and tablets – for the year and beyond.

Global server shipment forecast and industry analysis, According to Digitimes Research, Taiwan-based server vendors, including suppliers of motherboards, end systems, storage devices and related network equipment, continue to enjoy growth in I purchased a large tempered glass case and a PSU, and they made it to the U.

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It’s the first time when ATI uses heatsinks for the memory chips. This mid-range product gives user adequate multilateral geometry, color rendering, and high-speed image pixels, and other computing support, it can be said that this product has all the cost-effective advantages.