If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. Of course it also means you have more control of your system. On these channels, up to 4 streams can be played at the same time, and the controller can perform sample rate conversion with separate rates for each channel. To make the buffer allocation sure, load snd-page-alloc module in the early stage of boot sequence. If the module supports more than one card and you have more than one card of the same type then you can specify multiple values for the option separated by commas. Most modern distros come with soundcore compiled as a module. Nothing to worry about as such, optionally please update to the latest version of modutils.

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Changed in linux Ubuntu: Hi, I’m kind of a newbie to linux and i’ve been having some trouble getting my sound to work.

The user can load modules with options. Pulseaudio cannot connect to a non-existent alsa driver.

Matrix:Module-atiixp – AlsaProject

This can be accessed via the Report a Problem option in the Help menu for iixp application with which you are having an issue. This explains how to build from source tarballs.


What have you done so far? The smaller size gives smaller latency but leads to more CPU consumption, too.

This should solve your problem. Here’s the linuux for this card. In writing, you can send the following commands to the snd-page-alloc driver: Module supports only 1 card. This occurs when the access to non-existing or non-working codec slot likely a llinux one causes a stall of the communication via HD-audio bus. The driver provides the auto-detection of known problematic devices, but some might be unknown or wrongly detected.

MidiMan M Audio Revolution 5.

You need to log in to change this bug’s status. October 24th, 4.

The sound on my Compaq Presario vus laptop is broken. To test the device try a: I need to know if ubuntu is working with ATI to give us a legacy driver? Passing -1 will make the driver to choose the appropriate value based on the controller chip.

I tried manually changing the dropdowns in Sound Preferences, but none of them worked.

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture – Driver Configuration guide — The Linux Kernel documentation

Most people enable the module setting. Then the interrupt number ari be assigned under Alternative and new way to fixate the slot assignment is to use slots option of snd module.


They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. So I guess IT isn’t pure fail but alsa or Ubuntu is Now I’ve spent a good 12 hours reading through Ubuntu forums and google and can’t find a damn solution and Alsa says it supports my sound card “atiixp” I think they’re calling it. Join Date Jan Beans I’m not sure what’s changed. Module for virtual rawmidi devices.

For drivers older than 0.

How to configure the Linux kernel/sound/pci

This module has no enable option. Views Read View source View history. You might be able to force to load the module, but it may result in hang-up. It also provides access to the pcm plugins in alsa-lib.