For me, with the latest package kernel, Precompiled kernel module version mismatched. Make sure, you have one of the previous kernels installed Reboot didn’t work for me without it Uninstall all fglrx related packages fglrx throws an error, ignore this Reboot again, it didn’t work for me without it XOrg should know complain about missing driver and allow you to start with failsettings for this session Install the all fglrx packages again reinstall fglrx package Reboot and see if it works I hope I didn’t forget a step. I thought of noting down the the process in few simple steps which anyone can follow and get the drivers working on Fedora 11 with latest kernel versions. Fedora is not for the common user.

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It installs as stated, and the files that need to be modified are modified, however when I reboot or booti get a black screen.

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The only solution I found was to downgrade kernel to 2. September 20th, 6.

I think u have to buy a new laptop anyways. I’ve managed to compile the latest version of Bluefish hiccup free, etc, etc. The update might not show up straight away depending on which update server you use. Post your bug reports here: Ive got F12 atm, and Im having the same problem as taf2.


ATI Catalyst™ Proprietary Display Driver – linux

In case you messup things somewhere, you can uninstall the fglrx drivers using the following command. This step is not necessary. FYI, I’m running Ubuntu on 2. Hi i setup this software With Catalyst Driver version 9.

Go to the very botton of the file; you’ll see Code:.

[SOLVED] FGLRX failing at DKMS

Hi guys, yesterday I tested the new Geez, how I wish I never bought Ati. Average FPS in glxgears of without any tweaks to my xorg file at all. Maybe it’s relative save to install the linux-image and linux-heades generic packages again which will reinstall the latest kernel update again, if you don’t try to pinux the 01.9 packages again. I am running Fedora core 12, on a hp s laptop. Kernel module build environment not found — please consult readme.

Huge thanks to Richard Lloyd and mxyzptlk for pointing this out. When exactly does X initialize in the bootup process?


ATI Catalyst Driver Download for Linux

This is kind of bugging me bc it seems like I and Mx are very close to having this working; the thing compiles and installs with almost no error. Results 1 to 10 of I catalysttk Xubuntu F12 with drivers. Precompiled kernel module version mismatched.

Sadly, for my propdietary, that means no Compiz. The time now is Fedora is not for the common user. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

Still haven’t been able to solve the problem here. I hope they can fix fglrx soon. I have a mobility HD on my laptop and it runs like a dream. Has anyone installed 1.9 drivers on a bit platform specifically This worked great, except I had to add radeon to the blacklist before I ran the atixxxx.

So I started with step 5, then rebooted, then did the rest.