Reprocessing with change of framerate corrected the problem. An integrated audio capture facility is always picked first if available. Thanks a lot Georges – 03 02 05 – Luke – 12 01 05 – We’ll have a look. When I first tried it,like I said,I was having problems with blocky horizontal lines,but now it seems to have fixed itself.

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Flickering artifacts are noticed on the game characters after approximately 15 minutes of game play. We’ll have a look at it. DirectShow driver supports capture from sound aall.

Note that changing the audio input may switch your vlvo settings in Volume Control, so remember to change these back if you need them to be different for other applications.

Mind you, before I installed the VoodooTV and clicked on the Capture Video option, Virtualdub atti spit back and error saying that there were no capture devices on my system. Stuff I haven’t gotten around to yet: Thanks a lot Georges – 03 02 05 – Then the next file was somewhere around MB, then the last file was like MB. Valky – 27 01 05 – About the script help: The main problem is that it doesn’t have VFW drivers, meaning it won’t work with my favorite program: Now, no discussion of ATI video cards would be complete without a complaint about their drivers: Also, ATI appears to be shipping their current devices with a WDM Windows Driver Model driver only; this can be used captkre by VirtualDub through a Microsoft wrapper, ib it is crippled in functionality and it also appears that the wrapper is buggy.


Currently the option is set as Weave. Mind sending me a screenshot by email? There are still three other things I’d like to have in VirtualDub: I have now successfully captured video in resolutions up to x, which wasn’t even possible with the VoodooTV.

Sorry, no big overlay numbers showing the current channel. A lot of manufacturers are making different drivers, it makes our job hard.

My card is rather eccentric. Otherwise it’s like “Hey, the radeon works great with virtualdub However the output file had a framerate of 15 as is the default in settings.

Capfure 4, Posts: I hadn’t even thought of that.

ArKaos Users Forum • View topic – Please Help with WDM capture cards !! 🙁

I am happy that capture mode appears to work for me in all but that one problem. Paste them again just after the end frame of previous selection. Since I’m a fotographer, I’m greatly interested in using VDub. The movie has no audio till this point.


No other software can beat it’s capabilities, ease of use, comfort and flexibility in cases when you need to perform some very complex or exotix color correction, do a resize with “tricky” interpolation algorithm, and emulate a precizely controlled soft-focus effect with noice-reduction filters I whipped out the Firewire cable and set up a kernel debug session, and sure enough, it was a thread stuck in kernel mode on a wait in the ATI capture driver. Fortunately, you can set the most common frame rates by clicking on the frame rate in the lower right — that’s what I always use and that’s why I missed it.

ATI All-In-Wonder/VIVO WDM Driver 4.07/8.33 Windows XP x64

Slow game performance is no longer noticed when using CrossFire. Disabled normal nice-in-background behavior for accelerated display.

Phaeron – 13 01 05 – What I meant was: