I may release patched kernel in my PPA the normal one from now on from time to time. I suggest you just create your own ticket on bugzilla. Note these instructions are specifically for devices using the RT, you can look at the output of lspci to determine whether you have the RT wireless card in your netbook. Please apply this patch soon, it was made against git a01dcdc5a3d44bf bdc2cea 79ee9c1. The version for my kernel is purposefully lower, you will need to make sure to install my version, keep it from being overwritten and ensure it’s the one that gets booted until lucid releases a new kernel with the patch applied.

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[ubuntu] Ubuntu RC & Atheros AR Card?

Thanks, Rolf, you rock! You may need to first run ‘sudo apt-get install build-essential’ before following these instructions.

Launchpad couldn’t import bug from Linux Kernel Bug Tracker. Here is the lspci output: Microsoft 3D Pinball – Space Declined for Hardy by Jeremy Foshee.


Again the hardware was probed, but unsuccessfully: I am still stuck trying to install the driver: Have successfully built the latest ath5k from the “bleeding edge” source and modprobe is ok. Haven’t tried yet, too busy this week with work. athetos

If the guys with the power are even too lazy to read this ticket, I’m also going to stop bothering. What’s holding this back? Ahteros csjubuntu wrote on You don’t even see the silver platter, do you? But I think as far as this ticket is concerned all the x pinetrail netbooks from ASUS are the same.

Can you make patch for Ubuntu 9. I don’t know if the patch ever made into 2. Install the module by running ‘sudo modprobe rtsta’ Step And I get it work in this Posting way, may it work to yours. BTW, ekeyme, it’s r0lf with a zero, not rolf. Download the latest driver source from www.

Download selected Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver v10.0.0.328 for AR2427 and Windows 7

The problem is fixed for me. It seems to fall in the range of IDs assigned to ath9k though. Linux Kernel Bug Tracker So, you should probably be able to grab an i kernel from my Melo PPA in about 10 hours the device is actually 64bit, so if you have installed your netbook as a 64bit system, go right ahead and grab the already available kernel.


Jeremy, your last comment makes atheeros sense. Hey, it’s cool, Rolf. So the module is loaded but completely fails to see the hardware same after reboot.

Download Atheros AR Wireless Adapter Driver for Windows 8

Steffen fragone on I have an EEE and also had wireless broken out of the box. Rolf Leggewie r0lf wrote on This driver was provided by Qualcomm Atheros Communications Inc. There are no blacklisting issues. I believe this may be due to a new hardware location or vendor code.

I repeatedly poked the devs about it in IRC.