Click “Accept Array,” then “Next. This RAID configuration provides data protection and. Didn’t try any boot flags, I want it to just work, dammit. I used the opensuse 11 bit DVD to install. Even trying a clean install fails, the sccreen just got corrupted during the debian lenny install. In this case, the default entry is the entry saved with the command ‘savedefault’.

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This post is made from my fresh installation: RAID 1 Data mirroring copies and maintains an identical image of data from. Use two new drives or use an.

I intend though, to install 8. I commented the following lines using gedit standard text editor: I’m running Ultimate Edtion v1. Still hopeful for the final release of intrepid I downloaded Suse 11 and it failed leaving me with a locked up screen and my Asua and Scroll-lock lights on my keyboard flashing.

I was in Ubuntu, using it as normal.

ASUS P5Q3 – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – P45

I’ve had no such problems. I’m planning on buying the P5Q3 also, and am glad to see 8.


I have not even reinstalled yet. The forth only for data Intel Q Quad Core 2.

I used the opensuse 11 bit DVD to install. And Setup Guide for First Timers. It allows to transfer digital audio without converting to analog format and keeps the best signal quality.

Just swapped boards and I have no issues. Also having issues, noted the tips from this thread, going to try out now.

But if you have one, you shouldn’t have any problems with Ubuntu 8. I tried many things like changing from Advanced the grub installation in other devices but raidd not better results Thanks, it is good to know I’m not alone. See post 10 Copy of Post In this case, the default entry is the entry saved with the command ‘savedefault’.

Select “Custom Configuration” and then click “Next. This voltage reduction limits the power consumption and heat generation of DDR3 which makes it an ideal memory solution.


How to Set Up RAID on an ASUS Motherboard |

Minor versions can be omitted. As for question 3 you have to run the bit version of Ubuntu or any other OS actually in order to use 4 GB or more memory.

Make connection quick and accurate! The motherboard supports DDR3 memory that features data transfer rates of O. Furthermore, the supply voltage for the memory is reduced from 1.

How to Set Up RAID on an ASUS Motherboard

I had some problem with ubuntu that working on my p5q3. At the moment my advice to everyone xsus this motherboard would be: Since the new ubuntu came out yesterday, I upgraded my system. Sounds like you’ve gone a lot further than I.