ASUS engineers carefully fine-tuned the parameters for every single PCI-Express card to provide system stability during high-speed graphics operation. ASUS is using a new connector called Q-Connector to make the installation of the wires coming from the case frontal panel easier. Fanless Design – Heat Pipe Zero failure Support side-flow fan or passive cooler The Heat Pipe design effectively directs the heat generated by the chipsets to the heatsink near the back IO ports, where it can be carried away by existing airflow from CPU fan or bundled optional fan. Six to be exact, excluding the main CPU fan. Built with only the best components, the P5B Deluxe and PC HyperX memory are optimized for each other to reach maximum performance. The antenna has a magnetic base so it will stick to anything steel.

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If so, I suggest you use a two pronged approach: Please create Acronis Report and Linux system information sysinfo. It allows to transfer digital audio without converting to analog format and keeps the best signal quality.

This unique adapter eliminates the trouble of plugging in one cable at a time, making connection quick and accurate.

ASUS P5B Motherboard Review – Hardware Secrets

Other Innovative Features MyLogo2 Personalize your system with customizable boot logo You can convert your favorite photo into a color boot logo for a more colorful and vivid image on your screen.

CPU, Chipset and Graphics features. The connectors are hot swappable, so it makes adding and removing an massive external hard drive about as complex as plugging xeluxe a USB memory key. I will try to pass it along to the tech dept aeus Acronis as well Thanks Bob.


The audio section from this motherboard provides 7.

Asus P5B Deluxe Intel 965 Motherboard Review

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I will connect via USB 2. The hard disks are connected to this device, while this device is connected to this port multiplier port, which, in turn, is internally connected to one of the SATA ports controlled by the JMicron JMB chip on the motherboard. The antenna has a magnetic base so it will stick to anything steel. It reduces input ripple current and output ripple voltage, which keeps CPU and power module from suffering the risk of high power stress.

Please refer to the specification page The product electricalelectronic equipment, Mercury-containing button cell battery should not be placed in municipal waste. I am still fully functional The optional fan is specifically designed to provide sufficient airflow over the CPU power modules and chipset area when water-cooling or passive-cooling is utilized, ensuring effective heat dissipation for the entire system.

Adjust speed as you wish!

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. This motherboard has one Gigabit Ethernet port, controlled by the south bridge using a Realtek RTLB to make the physical layer interface. All specifications are subject to change without notice. An external ddeluxe antenna screws into the WLAN jack, and mounts to the side of the case as far as 40cm away. Wireless networking has really taken off and it’s great to see a USB2.


Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Ai Nap and Ai Gear.

In order to use more than one SATA HDDs on this port you need an external port multiplier bridge, which is an external device sold separately. It effectively transfers heat generated by the critical components to the other side of the specially designed PCB printed circuit figewire for effective heat dissipation.

The fan attaches to the heatsink directly, and draws power from a nearby 3-pin header, so it doesn’t interfere with the 4-pin PWN fan header for the CPU heatsink fan. It also uses advanced de-reverberation techniques to reduce echo and minimize its effect on the speech engine. The Heat Pipe design is the most reliable fanless thermal solution to date. You can update your BIOS only in a few clicks without preparing an additional floppy diskette or using an OS-based flash utility.

Inject “nitrous oxide” into your CPU! Cross one more thing off the to-get checklist for your new computer Built with only the best components, the P5B Deluxe and PC HyperX memory are optimized for each other to reach maximum performance.