Asus N10J, high on our list of favourite netbooks Source: Why would you possibly need a Netbook with a graphics card? This keyboard also corrects a major problem we had with the Asus S’s keyboard: The Bottom Line It may look like your standard Netbook, but the Asus N10J is unique because underneath it features discrete, switchable graphics. I would recommend this notebook for those who would like to have a very portable, light gaming notebook with good battery time. The ASUS N10 also has two more defining features that help to distinguish it from the rest of the clone-like netbook market. You’ll pay a bit more for the privilege, but the end result works for gaming on the go, as long as you don’t mind dialing down your game settings.

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While you do get a classier looking design with a much nicer paint scheme and slightly slimmer look, you pay a price premium over the Eee PC auss Asus unter 12 Zoll Notebooks bei Geizhals.

Laptop ASUS N10Jb

You’ll pay a bit more for the privilege, but the end result works for gaming on the go, as long as you don’t mind dialing down your game settings. The N10 has the form factor of a netbook, allowing for maximum portability, while trying to be a full laptop.

The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch Adding a dedicated GPU to the mix would certainly have an impact on that, and we got 3 hours and 17 minutes from the system in asue video playback battery test. With a price tag nearly 50 percent greater than other netbook models, even more when compared to new HP and Dell offerings, it seems ASUS might have priced themselves out of the consumer market with the N Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.


You’ll need to reboot in order for the change to take effect, so this is something you can’t do on the fly. With the GPU turned off, the system impressed, lasting asuw 90 minutes longer in casual use. nn10jb

Almost every Netbook we’ve seen to date has featured the same basic setup: While biometric fingerprint readers aren’t exactly the defining feature they once were since they have become standard equipment on business notebooks, they are still a unique feature for a netbook, as zsus the N10’s excellent warranty. Preis schlecht Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Asus N10Jc review Source: But the ability to do some casual gaming makes the Asus N10J an almost irresistible travel companion if you’re a PC game addict and can live with the limitations of a very low screen resolution and the low-power CPU.

Asus N10J – External Reviews

For style and portability, business users will gravitate to the Eee PC S, while power users will prefer Sony’s ultraslim notebooks. Unlike Asus’ other high-end Netbook, the Eee PC Swhose price premium is put toward design and a slim case that’s less than 1 inch thick, the N10J has a n10ub traditional, slightly chunky Netbook chassis. Laptop Mag This premium netbook, aimed at business users, offers switchable graphics, a huge hard drive, and a speedy instant-on OS.

Personally I do not own any other computer at this time other than the N The main body is plastic, with a few metal accents, but feels sturdy enough to stand up to regular travel.

Asus N10Jb laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

Even with the graphics turned on, the N10J performed similarly to other Atom-powered Netbooks in our benchmark tests and in casual use. Asus’ Netbooks are known for their excellent battery life and big six-cell batteries.

It also helps that the slightly bigger inch design gives you more room to work with than 9-inch Netbooks. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. We’ve n10nb, we promise. PC Advisor The Asus N10Jc succeeds in many ways, but its price, in the US at least, should prompt you to consider whether you’d be better off to jump from the mini-notebook class altogether in favour of a heavier, all-purpose laptop with an optical drive.


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The mobile world might finally get exciting again in It’s readable, but most documents and Web pages will require some scrolling, and it’s an awkward resolution for both games and video content. Thoughts on the Asus N10J mini-notebook Source: We managed to get marginally playable frame rates from a few current games by dialing down the in-game resolution and detail levels.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Overall, the N10J is solid with a good deal of flexibility and it contains a swag of useful features that should make it high on the list of netbook choices for those who want a modicum of power and excellent battery life.

Power n10j, cheap and slow Netbook single core CPU.

If your company was looking for a netbook for corporate use, it would likely choose the N10 above the rest simply due to the comprehensive warranty and security features alone.

Don’t show this again. Computer Shopper If all you need is e-mail and Web access on the go, one of the less-expensive netbooks on the market should suffice.