Again, they look good, but are not so good to use, requiring some effort to press due to their size. The display cover in the left lower area is likewise somewhat wobbly. True, it’s not a high-end adapter like the X or Nvidia Geforce Go , but it’s enough for playing any current game at a reasonable x frame size without too much need for downscaling image quality. The DVD drive assembly is inconspicuously and remains decently in the background during playback. Battery Eater Readers test – corresponds for instance to the maximum runtime min.

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Review Asus A6Ja

Touchpad Usage Illustrations The interface equipment of the Asus A6J can be called complete. Powered by an Intel Core Duo T, which has a run-speed aj6 1.

Notebook Pc Information All components inside the case It gets rather hot after extended use, especially near the right palm rest area, where I think the harddisk is located. The asjs are manufactured from one piece of metal and do not only look good, but also function perfectly.

They did not have a better deal during a recent PC show here, so I figured the price is more or less fixed and went to bargain for freebies with the retailer instead. I would have though an Expresscard slot would be more appropriate, but as I personally see no use for expansion currently, it is not an issue.


There are feet on the battery, however there are small feet beneath, which guarantee the aus positioning of the case even with not attached battery. Video And Silent Video Mode The keys are sufficiently large and are characterised by a pleasant easily fitting with springs pressurewhich is accompanied by a quiet clicking noise.

ASUS A6J notebook

Generally the A6J is not one for the long road, unless you have another battery or two to spare. Bluetooth Wireless Connection on Selected Models Service Warning Label Intel has made this possible by switching to a smaller die-size, so two chips working at once shouldn’t affect the battery a6m. Loudspeaker The loudspeakers sound somewhat dull and can not really convince.

I wanted to be different and yet not give up on quality and design, and ASUS laptops generally pretty much fit the bill.

Removing A Pc Card pcmcia We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Using the controls located at the front, you can pop in a CD and play instantly while saving on battery.

Within the right area in front of the keyboard we could determine crunches under pressure. A slight wobbling of all keys is to be marked.


As one of the first machines to feature Core Duo we’re surprised that there isn’t any price premium added to the system, which is definitely a good thing. Declarations And Safety Statements asux As the battery is positioned in the front, there is free space for the fan in the back. Also, the chassis is made of tough yet light carbon-fiber material which would withstand most bumps.

True, it’s not a high-end adapter like the X or Nvidia Geforce Gobut it’s enough for playing any current game at a reasonable x frame size without too much need for downscaling image quality.

Slight changes of the brightness are possible.

Asus A6J Review (pics, specs)

The redemption factor is that there is a separation between the ports, so there is a fair ease of multiple use. However, it is a great product for students, casual-hardcore gamers, and power users. Usb Keyboard And Mouse It is overall well-designed.

It is too flimsy x6j thin for my liking, providing just adequate protection at best and not much space to put anything else. Preparing Your Notebook Pc