I am just thinking, but I should admit it: I just ran this on Ubuntu 8. But when i plugged the external speaker to the microphone slot, and max the volume of the laptop and the external speaker, i can hear static sound and guess what, sound coming from the music file I’m playing on the amarok. Funny life it is! Module snd-pxa2xx-ac97 on arm only. In case we want to install from the latest snapshot, do we need to run the script with -snap only, or -d, then -snap, than -i, as with previous script version? It is clearly stated several times what information is needed to track down your issue.

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I’m still convinced ALSA is using the wrong chipset for me Attached patch does exactly that. The driver provides the auto-detection of known problematic devices.

modej If a model comes along for which this becomes an issue, the ALC input modemm code will have to be extended to allow different mux layouts for different ADCs. I assume, I can modify the script to run like this by myself, but I wanted to know if there is any risk with that, why you are not organized it in this way? It seems that the whole situation never changes. I executed it and it seemed to download, compile, and install correctly.

  7222 7235 IP 424 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Does this give any clues? All other cases are untested so far.

sound: Convert to menuconfig [Linux 2.6.27]

Module for Echoaudio Indigo DJ. Now for someone to take the next step and add a repository so we don’t have to re-run the script every time the kernel or ALSA gets updated. Done Note, selecting liba To avoid this, the start position is aligned to the period size, so that the updates are synced with interrupts of slave PCM.

Module for bit SoundBlaster cards: I installed the packages for alsa1. If all this is still not working you need to run the script with the -snap option to get the very latest drivers from the development tree. The code isn’t as clean as the version you processed manually but I’m happy to clean it further as long as I can automatically generate the set of files.

It has been found that some laptops eg: Anyone else experienced similiar problems or could point me in the right direction to help me diagnose the problem? To back to the old behavior the fixed buffer sizeyou can set defaults.

Linux Kernel Documentation :: sound :

It would be -c1 for your 2nd card. Oops, I had a question, but I just got my answer, sorry for interrupting you guys. This controls the non-blocking “open” mode as default. So this asonud I can’t control the volume with the remote. The script is constantly timeouting when trying to download from ftp: The patch taken from ALSA bug The plugin requires libavcodec as the audio encoding engine.


But after 20 minutes of googling and some despair on my part as to lack of information, I stumbled across your post. Is there any reason why option -snap is not downloading the entire package, the latest snapshot, then compile and install the whole in one step? Yup thanks, I figured it out. Same problem as above.

Run the alsa-info script moddm send the output to the alsa mailing list.

The guys didn’t seem to follow any rules when doing it. Hunk 4 succeeded at offset -5 lines.

You might want to checkout your alsamixer settings again. See “Early Buffer Allocation”. I started another related tread witch I think is solved.