Let’s get ready to travel. It seemed Raphael had certainly been lying about at least some things back at the Think Tank. I can’t cause any more trouble for you guys! I just used it instead of a gem, period. Great animations set against clunky backgrounds, too much repetition in both the combat and music, and the lack of difficulty hold this JRPG back from being something truly special.

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Pile Driver/Wiki – Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Message Board for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

Did you really like that huge teddy bear? But I don’t think they’re dating or anything. They just run on electricity!

Didn’t you feel nervous walking in there? The sentence below is true. I’ll regroup with the Great Fang Militia for now. It’s really rusty, and the flooring is about to fall off at anytime. We have to go back now!


You can do emergency operations to help people survive! Log In Sign Up. This was pretty easy after all! Okay, I’ll use it to fight enemies from now on, too.

About that levitating stone Where can I get it? She’s worried about me. I had to invent a new move! What do you mean? This drill is kind of big. Saki told them what she could remember about her own past. Back at the Think Tank, they were scrambling to find Saki. He’s in a natural high from solving the problem that had long been afflicting him. I don’t think it’s a matter of selfishness Even if you’re right next to us, you can’t help us if we aren’t inside your clinic?

Then, I was attacked by somebody.

Rather than a turn-based series of button-combos, Ar Tonelico Qoga has switched over to a real-time combat system where your party is thrown onto a flat battlefield to fight soldiers, robots and any number of odd beasts populating the at.


Luphan and Katene were waiting for them back at the preschool. What a giant sneeze!

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Before you go inventing a back story for it, how about just telling me why it’s floating? I can’t believe I got to see you again! I’m pretty sure you need to synthesize another one How is he now? For now, just believe in me, Saki!

It sure looks like it. It’s a good thing we took her before that happened. I was concerned about all of you I think we’ve got some aspirin He sometimes stares qkga the stone with a gloomy look and sighs