If you are compiling your own kernel, you want to enable. Thanks to all the people who have helped test this and have provided information on the cable wiring, our best guess for the cable schematic is the following:. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. On the right side of the front display panel there is a vertical graph of five LEDs. The Windows version of apcupsd is distributed as a simple double-click installer. Consequently, you should not invoke it directly.

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Can I debug this somehow or is the adapter simply not compatible? Select the Events item, and the Events dialogue box should appear.

Users – How to set up apcupsd with USB/RS adapter

Thanks to Joe Acosta for pointing this out to me. This can lead to a shutdown before you might expect it, because regardless of the runtime remaining that is reported, the UPS will always correctly detect low batteries and report it, thus causing apcupsd to correctly shutdown your computer.

If you save the ‘. If you specify the wrong cable, it is very likely that at the first power failure, your computer will be immediately shutdown.

APCUPSD User Manual

In the following example, we should the facility as local0. We use standard Unix serial port read and write calls so once a connection is made, we generally have few problems. This imposes a few minor restrictions on the functionality of some of the cables. You should not perform this calibration too often since discharging the batteries tends to shorten their lifespan. To understand how this file is automatically invoked at system startup and shutdown, see the man pages for chkconfig 8.


Plan your configuration type see Choosing a Configuration Type. For this reason it is paramount to set your UPS grace time to a value greater than seconds to allow serail clean shutdown operations before the UPS removes the power from its plugs.

There have been several reported cases of problems setting the Low Transfer Voltage. You must then find and change the appropriate configuration parameter to permit instant power on.

One possible problem during shutdown can be caused by remnants of old versions. Consequently, the first record always consists of 24 bytes apckpsd characters followed by a newline.

That’s about all there is to it. Please do a backup of your system or take other precautions before attempting this to avoid the possibility of lost data due to a problem I have been through this serrial least 10 times and never once had problems, but we all know that someday something will go wrong.

Can anyone help please? Item 3 can be used to abort a Battery Calibration in progress, if you some how became disconnected.

See the installation and configurations sections of this document for more details. Apcupsd incorporates the libusbhid library which is subject to the following copyright and license:.

How to set up apcupsd with USB/RS-232 adapter

Apcupsd will fall back to polling behavior if it is unable to open the trap port. You can determine the load by looking at the output of the apcaccess status command while apcupsd is running. Installation from source might have to be be done different ways depending on what system you are running.


Problem On some systems such as Slackware This isn’t a problem with the normal single character queries, but it really does matter for multi-char things like ” “. Apcupsd on Windows is limited to a single instance and cannot support monitoring multiple UPSes.

APC Smart UPS serial connection on Windows Server R2 – Server Fault

You can display different bar graphs by selecting different variables from the drop down menus at the top of each of the three bar graphs. Any client run using the Net driver will shutdown when its own timers expire or when the NIS server shuts down, whichever occurs first.

Before continuing, you must correct this problem. New year Smart-UPS models are likely to support it out-of-the-box and firmware updates are available for some older models. The important change here is the addition of a ‘doshutdown’ script which overrides apccontrol’s shutdown action:. See the Customizing Event Handling section for more details. The remaining UPSes are powering additional machines. As a user, your input is very helpful in solving problems with the package, and providing suggestions and future directions for the development of the package.