The head office cannot be deleted. One blink and one alarm indicate low quality fingerprint while two blink and two alarms indicate repeated fingerprint. It is a super star, giving full function and simple operation. Standalone The machine can work without connecting to PC, convenient in operation and no need to occupy any extra resource. Fingerprint Time Attendance OA OA, with world cutting edge technologies fingerprint More information. Please reply me within 24 hours.

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With the advantage of no installation and maintenance, anvz has become the most ideal unit for office time and attendance management. Please install the USB drive first Please note: But, it is not recommended to directly use Windows 10 as the primary OS because it More information.

And then setup connection as above picture, select the right Com, and click [OK].

If it is set to 5 minutes and the setting of on duty time in naviz timetable is Update of diagnostic software OA Fingerprint time attendance and access control.

Well accept all kinds of fingerprints.

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Avoid direct sun light or other avniz light Touch the forehead to increase oily level of the finger. Utilizing the state-of-the-art biometric tech, this product will bring unprecedented reliability, convenience and benefits to the top management of enterprise in HR. Our products contain world cutting edge technologies like. First read following notes on V1. Please see the picture below: Deal with no clock out while off duty: When connecting the unit with the computer through USB, please cut off the power supply anvjz both the computer and the unit to avoid the USB burning of either the computer or the unit!


First choose the right department and staff, then select appropriate date, time and clock status and click [Add] button to complete.

fingerprint T&A systems OA – Shanghai ANVIZ Bio-tech Ltd

aanviz Choose the right department that the staff belongs to, click [Add] button under the staff list, enter information of Staff number, name, sex, Tel, photo etc. Upload Staff information and Staff fingerprint templates to the unit While it is communicating with machine, there will be information prompt in the blank display box, moreover, there s display of rate of progress while it is processing of [Download new records], [Download all records], [Backup data], [Restore data] Flexible Shift Maintenance The software supports shift on week basis, rotation shifts etc.

If off duty punch time is This manual provides Attendance Management software operation instruction, for example.

Please refer to the following steps: Simply click [Add] button under the department list and a window will pop up as following: Checking on work attendance by passwords and cards paper card, magnetic card, IC card, etcit is hard to avoid buddy-punching and cannot reflect the actual attendance condition.


Only placing enrolled finger on the sensor surface, system will check users automatically and record the correct time and checking status. OA, anvis world cutting edge technologies fingerprint recognition, computer communication, as well as microelectronics, is considered to be combination of three technologies: Records not downloaded yet Solution Please download transaction records in the unit 2. This manual provides Attendance Management software operation instruction, for example More information.

If check box before minutes calculated as late if no clock-in is selected, calculation for no clock in will be counted as the corresponding late minutes.

First choose one or multi-staff that will be deleted from staff list, click [Del] button under the staff list and a confirmation window will pop up as following: Installation 2 2 Configure Sabrina Cox 2 annviz ago Views: Suitable for all kinds of complicated time attendance management. With the help of fingerprint recognition attendance, it is easy to solve all the problems like buddy punching, card loss or stolen and password forgetting.

Bio-office OA101 Time Attendance Machine

Modify the dormancy time of the unit. User may utilise More information. Our products contain world cutting edge technologies like More information.