Home Top Quick Links Settings. Website Design and Hosting. In low assertiveness, a person who wants something from another is likely to ask rather than demand or tell. An amiable is easy going and everybody likes the amiables. These individuals appreciate facts and information presented in a logical manner as documentation of truth.

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In the social styles grid, low responsiveness typically has the label ‘Emotes’. Sometimes the personality type can come across as brash, running over others in order to get things accomplished. They hence tend to focus more on tasks than people and are less interested in leading, being happier to work by themselves. They seem to anaytical be relaxed and desire a peaceful environment over anything else. Learning how to identify and understand personality types based on common characteristics is a key component to effective, practical leadership.

Social Styles

We call the expressive the social specialist because they love to have fun. They are great story tellers and often over commit themselves by attempting to please people. Home Top Quick Links Settings. They move very quickly to action, but they are not detail oriented. They enjoy organization and completion exprewsive detailed tasks.


Now, if you don’t feel that you belong to analytival one group, don’t worry either. Home Top Menu Quick Links. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Google. Home Book Reviews Startups Talks. Four styles By plotting the two dimensions on a grid, four individual styles may be identified: However, we do have one dominant personality style that we use day to day.

Drivers are practical folks who focus on getting results.

Simple to understand and identify fast. Amiable The amiable personality type is a very patient and well-balanced individual. Often viewed as decisive, direct and pragmatic.

The Four Different Personality Types

They are ambitious, charismatic, and persuasive. Most people reading this blog post from HackerNews will fit with this personality type. Analytical strengths are that they are perfectionists. Understanding customer personality styles Analytical, Driver, Amiable, and Expressive will quickly tell you just how and what to say to each customer. There are two variables to identify any personality: They are usually amiwble to reach a decision.


Analytical, Driver, Amiable, and Expressive. Without a need to lead, they can be steady and reliable workers.

They read books about personality and broke down the content to me. Expressive We call the expressive the social specialist because they love to have fun.

They are individuals who turn disaster into humor, they prevent dull moments, and they are very generous people. You can buy books here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Your Personality

In fact each quadrant may be further divided into four, giving a secondary style based on how close the individual is analyical the boundary with another style.

Analyticals are economical, and they are self-disciplined.

The language that is used should not be looked at in a negative way. Drivers do not like to admit when they are wrong.