Experience Radeon Software with industry-leading user satisfaction, rigorously-tested stability, comprehensive certification, and more. After seeing your first post MrGenius I was hesitant to try out the latest beta driver. Windows 10 bit Windows 10 bit Windows 8 bit Windows 8 bit Windows 7 bit Windows 7 bit. If you have an issue with this driver, I would recommend either of the following: I guess I’ll try downloading them from AMD and trying one more time. Radeon ReLive may intermittently fail to work after performing task switches of applications.

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Here’s other similar drivers that are different 17.4.1 or releases for different operating systems: Silva Senior Member Posts: Am I the only one having major issues with these drivers?

AMD Radeon Crimson Edition Graphics Driver Hotfix Driver – TechSpot

I downloaded them directly from AMD and had the same problems after installing. Working fine and dandy for me MrGenius.

That’s not necessarily bad advice. Radeon WattMan may fail to apply settings on some Radeon R9 series graphics products. AMD terminated support for Windows 8 bit. I myself would not run out dated drivers unless the manufacture advised so or if i had an issue. Known Issues Application profiles in Radeon Settings may fail to retain after system log off or reboot for some gaming applications. Because your GPU is pretty old?


This technology helps avoid dropped frames and can provide an overall smoother VR experience on the Oculus Rift.

Radeon Settings install may become stuck or unresponsive when doing a driver upgrade through Radeon Settings. Completely senseless move and problems caused by it. Create, capture, and share your remarkable moments.

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A workaround is to disable Instant Replay and change settings then enable Instant Replay. Requires an HDR capable display and game content. Support for the following display technologies: I use Wattman to decrease core voltage and overlock a small amount only.

Drivers are a thing you should only update when needed or if it’s of any increased use. A work around is to disable and then enable the feature in Radeon Software. While I in part agree with your first reasoning your second is just what you said yourself, “ridiculous”. ASW compares previously rendered frames, detects 117.4.1 motion between them, and extrapolates the position of scene components to create a new synthetic frame.

I have always installed, and will continue ammd always install, the latest compatible drivers for all my hardware. Effortlessly boost performance and efficiency. Not to mention the fact that if I go to AMD’s website they still recommend these latest drivers for my ancient card. Radeon ReLive may intermittently fail to work after performing task switches of applications.


This function of this thread is to announce the new driver and the list of resolved and known issues. Global Offensive and World of Warcraft may experience flickering or performance issues the first time the game is launched on a system boot with AMD FreeSync technology enabled. But it was in fact a REAL issue verified buy user driver version experiments including my own.

AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive driver download

Yes, GCN1 got also a crippled Wattman and chill, but without memory frequency control. Five people on AMD side fiddle with akd, and ingame implementation is superior these days anyway. If you have an issue with this driver, I would recommend either of the following: But the fact is they don’t always list things that are fixed with later drivers.

And I still recommend anybody else to do the same. Release Notes Related Drivers