Find More Posts by Odin I’ll ask Willy Hermans what this type of chip was, and post it over here. The problem is my PC detects an USB-device but does not have a clue what it is and so, needs drivers for the thing. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Well, this RC Scoring Pro-software seems very nice but is no option for me. If you are updating an earlier version of bbkRC please read this.

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If you have a bbk DOS Race Program license you can import import the data and also use the license to make a 90 day evaluation license. Find More Posts by Robby For further configuration details go here. This is the designers choice. I use his software, and have had no trouble.


The rc decoder has both. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

The diagram above shows the way a counting system will be connected Resistor A may not be used. Anyone knows where I could find these drivers? Originally Posted by JimmyG.


If decodfr are updating an earlier version of bbkRC please read this. This is a complete guide to installing an AMBrc Detection Loop and mounting rechargeable handout and direct power personal transponders.

A transponder system is a significant purchase, make sure that the system you want to buy is suitable for your purpose, visiting another track might be a good idea to see the system being used. The scoring software has to support the decoders USB protocol to work. I’ll ask Willy Hermans what this type of chip was, and post it over here.


Originally Posted by Robby True that MyLaps didn’t update the drivers to 64 bit. After the uninstall reboot then plug in the decoder again and when you get the wizard direct it to the folder where you have the USB driver saved. Add a Poll to this Thread. The driver doesnt support 64 bit operation, and was hit and miss in 32 bit operation.

I’m using AutoScore I used the serial connection with the “rc” decoder most of the time. The other system uses transponder type units Called TD-1powered by a free slot in the cars receiver.

It’s serial or RJ only. This seems very strange to uab. Might I suggest updating the usb driver? I still find it a pitty that the USB-connection can not be used with alternative software, alldough I have not given up my attempts to find an USB-solution.

Hence the choice of the free software: Possible that laps free is so free, that the support for the newest decoder is not compatible with your laptop usb drivers.

KO Propo have released two systems onto the market, one works with Mini-Z cars and uses the signals emitted by the receiver unit to count the cars. AMB have been the market uwb in this sector since the early 80’s when they invented a timing computer and then a transponder timing system for model cars, they now produce systems for all kinds of sports there is a history on their web site. When you connect the Decodrr Decoder some versions of Windows will locate it automatically, others will require you to enter this location.


AMB RC decoder

If you have not purchased a license, you can make a single 30 day license to check out bbkRC Pro. Laps Free does not support decider USB interface. Copyright bbk Secoder Ltd I thought it is the machine pc that needs drivers to be able to understand the signals from the decoder, then being able to transmit them to the software.

Download and run the MSI file. I asked my local track owner a couple weeks ago if they MyLaps were still doing the decoder upgrade program and he told me “No, it’s done”.