Getting Started Getting started! Useful information may also be found in other sections in the online help. Start up SonicStage page 46 and click Music Drive. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. This is my second line minidisc player:

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The SonicStage software may not correctly load or operate if the dedicated USB cable is connected to your computer during the installation.

Aiwa AM-NX9 Net Minidisc

The Music Drive manages all audio data stored by SonicStage. Sony Personal MiniDisc Players.

Power Sources Power sources You can power the recorder not only with Using house current alkaline dry battery but also with house current. Follow the displayed instructions.

Aiwa AM-NX9 Net Minidisc | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Playing an MD right away! I want to be able to quickly and easily create compilations from MP3 files, rather than having to swap CDs to add different tracks to a minidisc.

Not by a longshot. This, however, On safety is not a malfunction. I’ve had no luck finding mx9 review of it or even any detailed information about net MDs in general. Do as instructed by the message and restart the computer. It’s another entirely different matter when it seems your opinion is being taken as advice, which to me is akin to the blind leading the blind as it is painfully obvious that you are speculating with out benefit of experience in this matter.


Playlist A playlist is like a container that can be used to hold and categorize files stored in Music Drive. After the installation is completed, click [Restart] to restart the computer.

Any idea about MZ-N sound quality?

Maximum aj transfer space: The setup program starts up automatically and the SonicStage Ver. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Check the items that apply to your system. Also, do you have the European version or the one sold to the rest of the world. Note When using a digital sound preset, the sound may break or become distorted if the volume is turned up too high, depending on the settings or the track.

Again, just a guess.

Troubleshooting And Explanations Troubles and solutions If you find any troubles operating the recorder, follow the steps below. Think cheap walkman plasticky build IF possible, it would be much better if you get a worldwide version or better yet, a different model minidisc unit as this unit is pc upload only. An idea of the build quality and real world battery life would be nice too. For details on the use of your computer and the operating system, please refer to the respective manuals.

  ESYS P4M800/775 V3.1 DRIVER

Additional Information Additional information On heat build-up Precautions Heat may build up in the recorder if it is used for an extended period of time.

AIWA AM-NX9 Operating Instructions Manual

I cannot comment on how long the Aiwa will last as I’ve only had this unit for a week or so. When consulting your Aiwa dealer, be sure to Aiwa dealer so that the cause of trouble may be nz9 understood. Recording audio data to your computer You can record audio data to your computer from sources such as audio CDs and the Internet page If it isn’t a NetMD I’m not interested.

Sep 15, at 9: Laser assembly is different too. Record the serial number in the space papers, table cloths, curtains, etc. Page 10 Troubleshooting and explanations page 33 This section shows the troubles you may find while using the recorder, and their solutions.